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Carsharing with Modo

How do I know if I'm eligible to carshare with Modo?
You need to be at least 19 years old with a valid BC driver's licence*. You also need to meet Modo's driving standard:

  • N licence or better;
  • no at fault accidents within the past three years (or, for BC drivers, no more than one at fault accident if you have an ICBC safe driving discount of at least 35%);
  • no more than two traffic violations in the past three years;
  • no driving convictions under the Canadian Criminal Code or serious violations of any provincial driving legislation such as the Motor Vehicle Act.

* People with out-of-province licences may be eligible to join Modo as long as they meet our driving requirements and provide the required documentation. If you do not have a BC licence, then you must be a full-time student, a diplomat, or a visitor to BC who keeps a permanent residence elsewhere.

How do I demonstrate my eligibility?

1. If you have a BC licence:

  • Call ICBC (604.661.2255, ext. 2) to have your driving record and claims history emailed to

2. If you've had a licence from elsewhere in Canada or the US within the past three years:

  • Within 30 days after joining, provide your driving record and claims history from the province or state which issued your previous licence.

3. If you've had a licence from elsewhere outside North America within the past three years:

  • Provide a signed statement detailing whether you've had any accidents or traffic violations in the past three years.
  • Within 30 days of joining, provide your driving record and claims history from the country which issued your previous licence.

You must provide documentation for every driver's licence you've held within the past three years. If you can prove at least 3 years of Driving History, you'll be eligible for one accident in a 3 year period without risk of account suspension. Read the ICBC requirements for more information about obtaining a BC licence.


How do I join Modo?

1. Call ICBC

Take 5 minutes to ring ICBC (604.661.2255) to send your driver's abstract and claims history to

2. Register online

To join as a Member-Owner or Monthly member, register online. It takes just a few minutes and requires a valid credit card (prepaid or debit cards not accepted). Once you receive your vehicle access fob in the mail, you're ready to go!

...or visit our office

If you'd rather register at our office in Downtown Vancouver, just call our Member Loyalty Team at 604.685.1393 to schedule a brief orientation. Bring along your driver's licence for verification, and if you're signing up for a Monthly membership, please also bring a valid credit card (prepaid credit cards not accepted).

How much money can I save by carsharing with Modo?

LOTS, but how much you save depends on you... Our rates include almost everything: insurance, gas, maintenance, bridge tolls. So the amount you save depends on your usage.

I have a car I want to scrap via the Scrap-It program. How does the Scrap-It credit apply?
Scrap-It credit can be applied towards your Modo account as carsharing usage. The credit cannot be used to purchase shares, to pay sign up fees or pay off fines.

If carsharing doesn't work for me or if I have to move for some reason, can I quit?
Members wishing to close their accounts must first submit the request to Modo in writing, via email or post. 

Member-Owners will have their shares returned to them upon closing their account. More information about the closing of shareholding accounts can be found in our Member-Owner Manual.

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Modo cars

What types of cars does Modo have?
Modo has the most diverse fleet of any carshare in the world. Yes, it's true! From hatchbacks and sporty convertibles, to trucks, to hybrids and electrics, to minivans and cargo vans- chances are we have the right kind of vehicle to meet your needs. We charge the same rates for all our vehicles, with the exception of our Premium vehicles, for which a small surcharge is applied.

What types of vehicle accessories are available?
Modo cars have all the usual accessories plus extras like bike racks, roof racks, and snow tires in the winter. When booking a car, you can search for cars with the right vehicle accessories. And the best part is that all these accessories are included in our rates. This is not always the case with car rental companies.

Where are Modo cars located?
We have cars in over 250+ locations around Metro Vancouver and Victoria. Our current service areas in Metro Vancouver include North Vancouver, UBC, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Moody and Horseshoe Bay. 

How does Modo decide where to place cars?
We have sophisticated mapping systems that show us where our members live and work, and where the demand for carsharing is. Using this information helps us decide where to place our cars.

Conversely, when usage at a specific location drops we may decide to move a car to another location where demand is increasing.

Booking Modo cars

How do I book Modo cars?
Making a booking is easy either on secure booking site Engage or by phone. Before you book, take a moment to carefully plan the start and end times of your trip. Keep your member number (once it's assigned) handy then tell us which car location, neighbourhood, or vehicle type you need, along with your trip details.

In Engage, once you log in you'll be able to designate your favourite locations near your home or your work. Modo staff will also be able to see which cars are closest to you.

When booking, reserve the vehicle for the whole time you'll have it, even overnight hours. We need to know when the vehicle will be available for someone else to book. Please note, statutory holidays that fall on weekdays are booked as weekdays, not weekends.

Bookings start on the hour or the half hour. We don't do quarter-to's or quarter-after's. The shortest length of booking is one hour and the longest is 30 days.

If you're accessing Engage from a mobile phone, the site will detect you're on a mobile device and should automatically display the mobile version of the site. From the mobile site you can make or modify bookings, search for available vehicles near you (if your phone is GPS enabled) and make simple account changes.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Advanced planning is always a good idea - if you know you'll need a car next week to pick Steve up (and he travels with a lot of luggage), you might as well book a car with enough cargo space. But because we have such great coverage in many locations, many of our members are actually successful booking a car 30 minutes before they need it.

Members are allowed to book one year in advance.

Can I make routine bookings to the same vehicle?

On weekdays you can, but not on weekends. Weekends are the busiest times for shared cars. But pre-emptively booking cars is not the answer to making sure a cars is available to you every weekend.

If you do need a car every weekend, mix it up by rotating among your closest four locations. This will give other members the opportunity to use their closest car on a weekend too. Hey - that's what carsharing is all about!

Can I cancel a booking?

You can always cancel a booking. However, depending on how much notice you give us, you may still pay part of your original time charge:

  • If you cancel with less than 12 hours' notice, you will be charged 50% of the original time charge. There's no charge for any part of your booking more than 12 hours away.
  • If you don't show up - that's a No Show - you'll be charged at 100% of the original time charge plus $10. This charge is in place to ensure our members don't abuse the carsharing system.

Note that if another member books the vehicle during the time you've freed up, your cancellation charge drops to zero.

How long am I allowed to have a car?
The minimum time is one hour, and the maximum is 30 days. (Yes, you can go on that road trip!)

Are family members or friends drive Modo cars?

Not unless they are members or Associate members of Modo.

Tip for successful carsharing:
be prepared for the unexpected delay. It's a good idea to get into the habit of adding a spare 30 minutes to an hour for 'just in case' purposes. (And a very good idea to add a few hours if ferries are involved!)

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 On the road

What if I'm running late and can't get a car back on time?
If you don't think you'll have the car back and ready for the next member by the end of your booking, call us to see if we can extend it or try extending it on your smartphone on the Bookit site. The charge for returning a vehicle late is $25.

Why do I need to fob out every time I leave a Modo vehicle?

Fobbing out secures the vehicle by disabling the engine. The charge for leaving a vehicle unsecured by not fobbing out is $35.

Do I have to top up the fuel after every use?

Probably not. Members are responsible for keeping the fuel at least one quarter full. Modo supplies a fuel card in each car, so you might as well fill 'er up! If for some reason the card is declined at the pump, call our Member Loyalty Team at 604.685.1393 for assistance. If you have to pay for the gas yourself, take a photo of your receipt and email it to info(at), and we'll reimburse you.

Most of us are busy people and filling in the tank can feel like a burden. But remember we're here to share ownership of cars; making sure there is fuel for the next member can make the carsharing experience an even better one.

Am I responsible for cleaning cars?

Modo contracts professional cleaners to visit cars at least once a month. However, members are part-owners of cars, and take pride in keeping the fleet clean. When booking a car, try to factor a few extra minutes to brush off crumbs or shake out floor mats. If you've had pets or kids in the car, please do an extra sweep to make sure the car is left in tidy for the next member. More tips on cleaning can be found down below.

Can I use Modo cars for work-related tasks?

Modo cars are insured for you to use the cars for any task. Some members use the car mainly for work and claim the Modo invoices as a business expense. Home office consultants find Modo a great way to save overhead costs.

What if I get a ticket or get towed?

Carsharing is about sharing the costs and access to a vehicle. It is not about sharing responsibility for infraction costs. If you get a speeding, parking or other traffic-related ticket, you'll have to pay for it. If the car is towed or impounded during your booking, you will have to pay for the cost incurred to recover it.

What if I can't start the car?
Call us right away and we'll trouble shoot with you. If it turns out to be a mechanical failure of some sort, we'll get roadside assistance to tow the car and figure out how to get you on your way.

What do I need to know when crossing the border to the US?
Carsharing across the border is a-okay. Our fleet insurance covers you to drive anywhere in Canada and the US. Here's a useful tip: give yourself a bit of extra time before your trip to inspect your booked vehicle - inside and out. Remove any items that don't belong to you or the Modo car. That way, if you're asked at the border, you can say with confidence that you know all the contents of the vehicle.

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Collisions - what to do

It's unpleasant to think about collisions but it's best to be prepared. Here is some advice that could help out (adapted from ICBC):

Step 1
Make sure you and your passengers are safe. If anyone is injured, call 911. If it's safe to move vehicles off the road, do so. Avoid discussing who is at fault.

Step 2 Gather the following information for all vehicles and drivers involved in the collision:

  • Driver's name, driver's licence number, state or province, and contact information
  • Vehicle licence plate number and year, make and model
  • Insurance information if the vehicle is not from BC

Step 3 If there are any witnesses to the collision, gather their names and contact information

Step 4 Gather information about the collision scene including the date, time, and weather conditions; the location; the direction each vehicle was traveling; your vehicle in relation to the other vehicle(s).

Step 5 Call Modo and we'll walk you through the next steps.

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Cleaning Modo cars

Am I responsible for cleaning Modo cars?
We believe in providing a genuine carsharing experience. Our rates include routine, scheduled cleaning of all our cars. This does mean, however, that sometimes you may arrive at a car and find that it's not in perfect condition.

If you ever clean a Modo car - even if the mess was created during your booking - email a receipt for your cleaning expenses to report(at) and we'll reimburse you. In addition to the reimbursement, we'll also give you one free hour of driving (two if you're a Member-Owner).

Are there eco-friendly carwashes in Metro Vancouver?
Yes - in Vancouver, Eco Friendly Car Wash is located near Canada Place. In North Vancouver, Easy Wash is located at 1501 Main Street. We also have a Google Map of carwash locations for reference.

Any tips for cleaning cars at home or at its home location?
The "two-bucket" method is a good way to minimize water and cleaning solution. Pour a small amount of cleaning solution into one bucket. Fill the other bucket with water. Dip your cleaning mitt or cloth into the cleaning solution and do a section of the car. After applying the mitt/cloth to the car, always rinse in the water bucket. That way, the cleaning solution remains 'clean' and you minimize the amount of solution used. This method also helps reduce scratches on the car.

Try to use biodegradable cleaning solutions - most retailers stock these products.

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How does Modo's insurance work?
We know accidents happen, that's why every Modo driver gets full collision and comprehensive coverage. Modo's fleet is insured up to $5 million under a Third-Party Liability policy from ICBC. And since we have a fleet plan through ICBC, we carry the insurance, not you.

Do I have to pay if I cause damage to a Modo during my booking?

If a Modo is damaged while in your care, you pay up to $500, depending on the extent of the damage and regardless of fault. (Yes, that includes damage to the tires.) For Modo for Business members, the Damage Fee is $50.

If you are involved in an accident during your booking, call our Member Care team as soon as possible at 604.685.1393. You can also submit photos of any damage before or after your booking to report(at)

Can I avoid paying the damage fee?

Yes. You have two options:

1. By paying your Modo invoices with a credit card offering Collision Loss Damage Insurance (CLDI), we'll charge the Damage Fee directly to the insurer. Check with your credit card company to see if you qualify. CLDI does not include trucks or cargo vans.

2. Join the Modo Damage Pool for $39 per year. This option reduces your cost to $0 if your Modo is damaged during your booking, including trucks and cargo vans.

For complete details on our insurance options, read our guides for Individual and Business members. 

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Modo members get to roam (carshare in another city) where we have a roaming agreement with the local carsharing organization (CSO).

How do I know if I'm eligible to roam?
In order to roam, you need to be a Modo member in good standing. There may be other criteria such as your age (you must be 23 years of age to roam in Toronto) but the basic criteria to be a member in good standing are:

  • You have not had more than 5 late vehicle returns in the last 6 months;
  • You have not had more than 1 at fault accident in the last 3 years;
  • You pay your Modo bills regularly, meaning you're not carrying an unpaid balance of more than $25 for more than 2 months.

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