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Developer Carsharing Program

Incorporating carsharing into your next development can increase your residents’ quality of life and enhance your ROI.

Here’s how:
For every carsharing vehicle and associated parking stall you provide, you can forgo five parking spots as part of the City of Vancouver’s Green Building Strategy and Parking By-law. Relaxations on parking requirements can be achieved by incorporating carsharing (Sec 3.2.2B). Similar rules are in place in many other municipalities in the region.

LEED, the universally recognized green building standard, rewards developers who provide carsharing. It awards points on its rating system and relaxes the type of vehicle required to meet low emissions standards. Carsharing may be the best way to achieve that next level of certification!

Keep reading for full details about Modo’s Developer Program.

At Modo, we’ve been helping Metro Vancouver build a more sustainable region for almost 20 years. We have over a decade of experience working with municipalities, developers, architectural firms and property management companies to make multi-housing dwellings, commercial and mixed-use buildings greener, attracting buyers and benefitting the community.

How does Modo work?

  • Book a car online for a few hours or a few days
  • Pick up the car at its permanent parking spot
  • Run errands, visit friends or see clients
  • The vehicle is yours during the time you’ve got it booked; no one else can access it
  • Return the car to the same spot
  • Get billed once a month for only the hours and kilometres you drove, plus $5/month if you’re a Monthly member (we pay for gas, insurance and maintenance)

How does Modo work for a developer?
The developer usually purchases the cars to be shared while Modo maintains, insures and absorbs the liabilities associated with the cars, and administers the carsharing service. Developers may realize huge cost savings associated with relaxed parking requirements.

Residential buyers have an opportunity to meet their vehicle transportation needs in an inexpensive way. By virtually eliminating vehicle ownership costs, financing a new home will be all the more attractive to potential buyers.

The Benefits

Branding and reputation
Modo is recognized as a viable, sustainable transportation solution and the carsharing organization of choice by developers such as Bosa Properties, Adera, and Wall Financial. 1–3 LEED points are awarded to developments that incorporate carsharing. Offering Modo carsharing is an excellent selling feature that adds value to your suites.

Parking relaxations and cost savings
Why build too many parking spots that may not necessarily add value to the buyer? In some municipalities, providing carsharing on-site can reduce minimum parking requirements and save hundreds of thousands of dollars for the developer.

Municipal demand
Many municipal planning departments are enthused by the opportunities that carsharing presents. Carsharing has already been used to resolve unique design issues.

Safety and the environment
Fewer cars lead to safer roads and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Each Modo vehicle replaces up to 13 individually owned vehicles, freeing up valuable space for community gardens and public gathering places.

Why Modo?
Modo is the established carsharing leader for the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Founded in Vancouver’s West End in 1997, we were the first of our kind in North America.

We’ve been working with municipalities ever since, shaping green building by-laws. Because of our experience and vested interest in the local economy, developers can trust that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to carsharing.

A member-owned carshare co-operative, Modo is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and is consistently rated A+.

With almost 400 cars, trucks, vans and electrics in 11 cities across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, Modo offers your buyers the broadest access to shared vehicles of any carshare and the most variety of vehicles.

Also, you get more bang for your buck, since with our purchasing power we get great deals on new cars.

The Process

  1. Get in touch with us. Tell us a bit about your project: the location, the number of units, access to sustainable transportation and other amenities, and time frame. If your development is suitable for carsharing, we will provide a letter of support for your development permit.
  1. Buy vehicles. Together we’ll work out the number of vehicles. We will provide a template agreement, source the vehicles, and provide signage, etc.
  1. Promote. Our marketing teams will work together to come up with possible sale incentives for your prospective buyers and the right promotions for your development.

We welcome your calls, emails, or requests for a meeting to explore our opportunities to work together. Interested parties should contact Sylvain Celaire, Modo’s Business Development Manager, at 604.673.2494 or email

Modo Co-operative
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Modo Co-operative
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