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member care co-ordinators

  • David Batson
  • Mona Benjamintz
  • Dana Bidnall
  • Matt Caruso
  • Susanne Compart
  • Ron Dabby
  • Alissa Danilkiewicz
  • Jeff Graham
  • Xiomara Lopez
  • Lesley McLean
  • Rob Stewart
  • Miriam Stuart

everyone else

  • Phil Baudin – Executive Director
  • Karen New – Information Systems Director
  • Melissa Douglas – Software Developer
  • Hilary Henegar – Marketing Director
  • Anthony Casey – Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Bernard Che – Accountant
  • Douglas Dunn – Fleet Director
  • Kelvin Stokes – Fleet Manager
  • Katherine Barkley – Fleet Service Technician
  • Farrell Segal – Fleet Service Technician
  • Shawna Sanderson – Member Care Manager
  • Annika White – Office Manager

job opportunities

Chief Executive Officer

Are you an experienced, visionary, entrepreneurial leader who embraces innovation and is not afraid to champion new ideas to achieve a strategic vision? Vancouver's only carshare co-operative is seeking an ambitious, innovative leader who will drive the growth of the co-op and help make it a household name across BC's Lower Mainland.

Visit our job description page for complete details.


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