modo forms.

Here is a list of Modo forms and documents. We recommend that you review and/or complete the items marked with a " > " before your new member orientation appointment. 

Note: Our fax number is intentionally omitted from our website. Please call us at 604.685.1393 to obtain it.

manuals + how to

 > Carsharing handbook

 > Member-Owner manual 

New Member Sheet

agreements for individual members 

 > Member-Owner agreement

Special section for Associate members 

 > Monthly member agreement 

 > Roaming member agreement

 > Closing account form for Monthly members

 > Closing account form for Member-Owners

agreements for business members

 > Business member agreement

 > Carsharer agreement

Draft carsharing policies for your organization

Business Deposit to Shares transfer form

insurance forms

Insurance options for individual members

 > Individual Member Insurance coverage application

Insurance options for business members

 > Business Member Insurance coverage application

Insurance for rentals

payment forms

Credit card authorization

 * Note: If you plan to use CLDI coverage through a credit card, please complete this form to ensure seamless coverage.

Pre-authorized debits for individual members

Pre-authorized debit for business members

price lists

Price list for individual members

Price list for business members

Sample invoice for business members

Price list for roaming members

documents for current modo shareholding members

Rules of incorporation

2011-12 financials and Annual General Meeting program

Modo Annual Report Oct 2012–Sep 2013

Modo Annual Report Oct 2013–Sep 2014