what's included.


Modo covers the cost of gas for all members. We'll also reimburse you if you happen to pay out-of-pocket. We only ask that you return your car with at least a quarter tank of gas for the next member. Heck, fill 'er up!


Modo purchases insurance from ICBC under a fleet plan option so we hold the insurance, not you. Modo also offers a Damage Pool, which members can enrol in to reduce their damage cost to zero. Learn more about our insurance options for individual members and business members.


Modo cars are permitted to park in any permit or resident-only zone in the City of Vancouver. We pay for annual parking permits, which are covered through membership fees. We also have preferred parking spots at IKEA Coquitlam.


We take care of our fleet: we do routine maintenance and inspections. If you happen to notice an issue during a booking, let us know and we'll arrange to have the vehicle inspected.


Modo car interiors are cleaned monthly by staff and contractors and we wash the exteriors when the need arises. However, you are part owner of these cars so please take care of them – if you make a mess, please clean it up. Modo will re-imburse the cost of cleaning (car wash, etc) and credit your account with 1 free hour of driving (2 hours if you're a Co-op member). Email your receipt to report(at)modo.coop.

local bridge tolls

Modo is pleased to cover bridge tolls for the Port Mann Bridge and Golden Ears Bridge. Every Modo vehicle is equipped with a TREO decal; when the vehicle crosses the bridge, the decal is scanned and Modo is charged. The toll will never appear on your invoice.