the good stuff.

When people share cars, fewer cars are on the road.

Fewer cars on the road means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less traffic in our city. 

  • Modo members use sustainable modes of of transportation and save carsharing for when they need a car. We typically drive only 1,400 kilometres a year, while the average driver in the Lower Mainland drives 6,000 - 24,000 kilometres a year!
  • In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, we produce 0.32 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents a year, which is 10-36 times less than the average driver.
  • Half the people who join Modo ditch their cars, which has taken over 3,000 cars off the road so far.

Why does it matter?

The number of cars in the Lower Mainland is growing at twice the rate of growth of the number of humans. If people demand more lanes and parking spots, they will get them to the detriment of our green spaces. With Modo, you can protest our growing dependence on cars and oil.

Plus, not relying on a car all the time can make you more fit and happier. Carsharing can improve your quality of life, your environment and your bank account. 

It’s liberating to ditch your car for carsharing!