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2016 Member Satisfaction Survey Recap

Your participation in our member research – from monthly Quick Polls through to our Advisory Panel – provides us valuable feedback; which as a member-owned co-op, we don’t take lightly. In fact, your feedback has been instrumental in some of our recent initiatives like our app, Modo Plus, and even our 15-minute booking increments — so give yourselves a pat on the back! We learned a lot from you this year and wanted to share some of the highlights.

How are we doing this year?


An overwhelming 97% of members are happy with their membership and 94% are happy with our customer service. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re about to rest on our laurels but it’s gratifying to know that the hard work our team puts in to better serve the needs of our members is appreciated — thank you!

You might remember that last year we invested more in our Fleet department to ensure our members had the best Modo experience possible. As you can see below, our efforts appear to be paying off:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.04.08 AM

When it comes to how our members use Modo, the top three reasons have remained consistent since 2013:

  • Running errands
  • Driving to/for recreational activities
  • Social trips

The truth is, Modo is a versatile service and our 17,000 members could have 17,000 different reasons for driving with us! That’s why we’re proud to have the most diverse carsharing fleet in North America — so you can count on us to have the wheels you need.


Sometimes we hear questions like, “Does carsharing really help?” Or, “It seems like there’s even more cars on the road!” Well, did you know that 27% of members would have bought a car had they not joined Modo? That’s equal to 648 personally owned vehicles not on our roads this year! In fact, 38% say they could afford a car but choose instead drive with Modo.


Since its launch last year, our app has been a welcome addition for many members but your feedback has shown us there’s room for improvement. In fact, 72% say they still use our online booking site most often. One of our goals is to make the booking process as smooth and simple as possible, and we’ll be striving to make improvements so our app is #1!


As we said, our success comes from our members. We’re a member-owned co-operative — driven by people, not profits — and we know that you are our biggest advocates. You may have seen some posts from our Modo Ambassadors, your fellow members who share their Modo stories to show how carsharing fits many different lifestyles. Every year, we ask how many of you would refer a friend and we’re thrilled to see that 93% would be happy to.

If you haven’t referred a friend, don’t forget that you get $25 free drive for each new member and $50 free drive time for new Business members! Check out the Referrals tab in your online profile next time you log in.

Thanks again for another great year and stay tuned — there’s more news and updates to come!

Team Modo

In Your Own Words

A map booking app similar to Car2Go would be AMAZING! Thanks for introducing booking in 15-minute increments! You listen to your members.

Thanks for the Modo plus guarantee – finally motivated me to become a member owner

Sometimes, I prefer to rent one way car sharing service like car2go.  If it’s possible, I’d love to have a service of one way car sharing from modo.

You guys are awesome!  Keep up the good work!  I like the 15 minute intervals. I appreciate that you are always looking for ways to improve service.

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