Blog post written by Modo Ambassador Kristi Fuoco

One of the things I love the most about being a Modo member is the ability to go on weekend trips with any vehicle I want, without having to own a car. I’ve been a Modo member for about 10 years now and I recently added my husband as my associate member. We both love living car-free and supplement our Modo trips with transit and by commuting to work by bike.

We hopped in our trusty Picasso (#660), a little red Corolla which is literally right outside our door, and traveled through the snow to the lovely and quaint Bowen Island—just a short ferry ride and drive away, for a weekend of nature and relaxation. We feel so spoiled that we have a Modo steps away from our apartment and find ourselves getting unnecessarily annoyed when we have to walk 5-7 minutes further for another Modo when “ours” is booked—you could say we are spoiled carsharing members.

With the huge dump of snow Vancouver received in February we found out that our neighbourhood Modos all do great on snowy days. We recently took an Elantra out on one of the snowiest evenings last month and watched as car after car got stuck on the Knight street hill, while we slowly and safely cruised by.

So, when we woke up to tons of gorgeous snow coming down the day we were heading to Bowen, we were a bit concerned about traffic, but Picasso was 100% reliable and we made it over to the island no problem.

When we go to Bowen one of our favourite places to stay is Blue Water Cottage on the opposite side of the island from adorable Snug Cove. We spent a lovely few days there, escaping the constant noise and stress of the city. Taking a Modo was the most convenient thing to do for us since we needed to bring over all our food for the weekend and it allowed us to bring way too many books too.

If you need an escape, but don’t want to travel far, Bowen is the way to go! Somehow the moment you step on a ferry to any island life just seems to slow down and the natural vibe of the island tells you to just “chill out” and we did just that.

Thanks Modo for making our trip that much easier and smoother!