Whether you’ve been waiting for this day to come, or dreading it, October 17th, 2018 marks the day the Government of Canada will officially legalize non-medical cannabis. With that, provincial governments will be proposing additional cannabis-related laws to ensure safe implementation across all fronts, including regulations specific to operating a vehicle while under the influence.

Being member-owned means we not only share the benefits of our co-operative, but also the associated risks of its operations. So, while it’s not important we know your personal position on marijuana use, it’s imperative our members understand the laws and impacts of its use in relation to driving with Modo.

Cannabis use in a Modo will not be tolerated

As stated in our Carsharing Handbook, smoking of any kind is prohibited in our cars; whether you are a driver or passenger. Smells tend to linger and some of our members may be allergic. If smoke of any kind is detected, members will be responsible for cleaning costs, and will have their driving privileges suspended or, for repeated infractions, their membership terminated. Operating a Modo while under the influence of cannabis will result in a suspension of driving privileges or termination of membership. It may also result in serious consequences including having your license suspended, fines, criminal charges or even jail time.

Dangers of drug-impaired driving

Studies show that driver fatalities of Canadians who test positive for drugs (40%) now exceeds the numbers who test positive for alcohol (33%). The dangers of driving impaired are real and serious and can truly alter one’s ability to drive. The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction states that driving while impaired has the following effects on driving:

  • affects motor skills;
  • slows reaction time;
  • impairs short term memory and concentration;
  • causes drivers to vary speed and to wander; and
  • reduces the ability to make decisions quickly or handle unexpected events


We all have a role to play in keeping our roads safe. For cannabis users, the message from both the Government of Canada and Modo is simple – don’t drive high. If you plan to partake – just like alcohol – don’t use a Modo and plan ahead:

  • Designate a driver that does not partake
  • Take public transit
  • Call a friend or cab service to pick you up
  • Stay over at a friend’s place

Member safety is our top priority. In the event you book a Modo and find yourself under the influence and unable to return the vehicle, don’t drive. Do call us at 604-685-1393 to let us know where you’ve left the car.

Safe driving from the team at Modo.

Credit: Government of Canada