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Annual Report: Executive Director’s Report


Phil Baudin’s Executive Director’s Report also appears in the Modo Annual Report 2014, which can be found online.

This has been another exciting year for Modo. We improved our vehicles, our service range, and our profitability and have a strong income statement and balance sheet, including a growing surplus in retained earnings.

For fiscal year 2012/13, we focused on improving our vehicles, technology, and service, as well as continuing with our strong community leadership role. As such, we

  • replaced 47 older vehicles with new ones
  • reduced the average age of vehicles in our fleet to less than 3.5 years
  • added 30 vehicles to new locations
  • increased our service area to include Richmond and Coquitlam, for a total of 8 municipalities
  • increased the total residential developments hosting Modo to 50, across Metro Vancouver
  • supported more than 60 Community Partners through transportation sponsorship and outreach support
  • organized or participated in more than 30 events across the region
  • collaborated with 8 community organizations – HUB, Vancouver Tool Library, Trade School Vancouver, The Sharing Project, East Side Food Co-op, Share Shed, Fraser Basin Council and In The House Festival – at 5 Sharing Stations at the Vancouver Winter Market, Vancouver Chinatown Night Market, New Westminster Show & Shine and our first-ever Modo Member Night.

Our goal is to grow profitably from here and continue to be a catalyst for sustainable transportation in Metro Vancouver.

I would like to thank our employees and directors for your efforts and contribution during this past year. Each of you has helped us achieve our objectives in a positive and constructive way, and it has been a pleasure working with such a committed group of individuals.

I would also like to thank our dedicated members for the support you continue to demonstrate for Modo, by using our services and sharing your vision for more sustainable transportation in our region.

Note: Fiscal year 2012/13 ran October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013.

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Modo Co-operative
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