written by Christian Brandt, Regional Fleet Manager, Okanagan & Vancouver Island

We’ve added our first electric assist cargo bike to help meet the transportation needs of our fleet team in the Okanagan. Since parking space can be scarce, the bike has added a flexible transportation solution that allows fleet staff to service our vehicles in a convenient way, while also supporting our efforts to find solutions to further reduce our environmental footprint and operational cost!

The cargo bike provides sufficient storage for cleaning supplies and tools for small repairs and vehicle servicing work which allows the fleet team to have everything that is needed for their daily work. Plus, the daily exercise from riding around the city allows our staff to stay active during their workday and maneuvering around the streets can be easier by bike than with a fleet car, especially during peak hours.

The only unexpected part is now we have to tell people that we don’t sell ice cream. In any case, it’s a great conversation starter and a very practical and fun way to take care of our fleet!