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Carsharing now in Richmond!

Meet Ronny. He’s been a member since 2002. Back then, he was living in the West End, and later Yaletown, where he had lots of vehicle options to meet his needs. Then he moved to Richmond… 

After a year of anticipation, of false starts and promises he’d see a vehicle in Richmond “soon!”, Ronny’s day has arrived.

In early February, Modo secured from the City of Richmond the designated parking spot we’d been waiting for, and Vehicle #413, a bright orange 2012 Toyota Prius C hatchback was placed a stone’s throw from Brighouse Skytrain Station, on the Canada Line. 

Great news for local residents as well as members looking to mode share, taking the Skytrain from points north, in order to save on costs and emissions. (Who’s up for a poke around Finn Slough?)

We caught up with Ronny as he was fobbing into the new Richmond car for the first time. 

How long have you been a member?

I have been member since 2002.

How long have you lived in Richmond?

I just moved to Richmond June 2012.

Why did you become a member? What prompted you to sign up? 

I like the flexibility of having access to and use of a car when I need one without the commitment and expense of owning one full time.  I was prompted by a need for more mobility than transit provides.

Which vehicle were you using before the new Richmond vehicle arrived? How did you get to that vehicle?

I usually used vehicles in Yaletown. Since I moved to Richmond I accessed by way of Canada Line or a walk from my downtown Vancouver work.

Which is your favourite Modo vehicle?

I really love the Mazda vans for longer excursions or the Fiat 500 for fun.

Where do you usually Modo? What are some of your more typical trips?

Greater Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley. My trips are typically to go to big box stores, farmers markets, farms and friends.

What has been the most memorable Modo experience you’ve had?

Driving to and back from the Okanagan with my father and partner. The vans are amazing for road trips.

Have any upcoming adventures planned?

Really excited about getting to the upcoming farmers markets and enjoying BC’s awesome bounty of fresh local produce.

Photography by Ken Villeneuve. 

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