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Executive director Phil Baudin: Modo’s big year!


This has been another exciting year for Modo The Car Co-op. Our highly successful rebrand continues to increase our visibility and appeal, and this year we improved our profitability such that we now have a surplus in retained earnings. 

At our recent AGM, I reviewed the service improvements we made during the past fiscal year (October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012):

We replaced 46 older vehicles with new ones, and reduced the average age of vehicles in our fleet to fewer than four years;

We added 29 vehicles in new locations to increase our service area

Hybrids and electric vehicles now comprise 11% of our total fleet

Our mobile booking site allows you now to make and change bookings using a smart phone; and

We eliminated trip logs from every vehicle and added fuel cards to simplify the driving experience. 

We will continue to add to these improvements through 2013, including:

Cargo vans for transporting larger loads;

More electric vehicles; 

More hybrids, including the Prius C, Prius V and Plug-in Prius;

Bridge tolls for the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges now included in our existing rates; and

Further expansion of our fleet and service range.

On behalf of everyone at Modo, I would like to thank you, our members, for the support you continue to demonstrate for Modo by using our services and sharing your vision for more sustainable transportation in our region.

Phil Baudin

Executive Director

Modo Co-operative
Toll free1.877.226.2277
Modo Co-operative
Toll free1.877.226.2277
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