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Farewell, Farrell!

Modo’s Fleet Operations Manager Farrell Segall has taken on a new adventure and will leave Modo in December. His entertaining insights in the daily tasks of our fleet team, the “Fix It with Farrell” column, has been a newsletter favourite for many members. This time, to wish him farewell, we’ve asked Farrell what his personal favourite Modo moments were, looking back on almost 5 years on the road with Modo! 

Starting as I did in early 2012 with 186 cars and 380 open maintenance tickets, we now run a well oiled fleet with above 95% availability with the current fleet of 500 vehicles. Typically, we now resolve every maintenance ticket well within 24 hours and have support on weekends and holidays.

My favourite moments and tasks over the past 5 years with Modo were:

  • Getting our team a test drive in the ElectraMeccanica Sparrow small EV (photo below)
Fleet Technician Katherine test driving the mini-EV
  • Modification to fix the gear-shift indication on every one of our Ford/Mazda trucks
  • Organizing Modo team and member night hikes to Dog Mountain, including two dogs (and hot chocolate!)
  • Building an even stronger team dynamic with our morning meetings
left to right: Farrell Segall, Kelvin Stokes, Taylor Jones, Katherine Barkley, Justin Imperial
  • Prepping new replacement fuel cards with discomfort clip to avoid sticking the cards in ones wallet (Farrell and Kelvin are also know as our “Team MacGyver”)
  • Spotting a Modo Scion FR-S in Jasper on my 5000 km MakerMobile road trip
Maker Mobile Modo Jaspers
Modo and Farrell’s Maker Mobile at Jasper National Park

From everyone at Modo, we want to wish Farrell the best of luck on his new adventures and to say thank you for your dedicated service to our members!

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