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Fix It with Farrell: Anniversary Post

Farrell is one of our Fleet Technicians and works with our vehicles every day to ensure they’re in tip-top shape for our members. Check our blog and newsletter for his stories from the road, and some helpful insider tips!

Fix it with Farrell Modo

Over the last year, Fix It-Farrell has become a popular blog column among our members. Thanks to Farrell’s endless stream of topics we couldn’t decide on just one “anniversary” post, so we picked a few of his new topics and compiled them into one Fix It- Medley.

In future newsletters, you will get to know some of our other Fleet Team staff as they share their own tricks and tips.

What is the purpose of the dimming function of my dash lights?

During daylight hours the instruments are illuminated to be viewed even when exposed to full sunlight.

However when travelling at night it is distracting to have the dashboard indicators set at the full brightness level so dimming features are provided that kick in as soon as the headlights are switched ON.

There is no standard control for this across our varied Modo fleet but the control is usually a dial or knob on the instrument cluster that can be rotated to adjust the brightness.

What are the top causes for Battery drain?

The following two causes regularly occur and we rely on our members to be vigilant when ending a booking to ensure batteries are never fully drained.

  • Interior lights left on
  • Ignition key left in ignition steering lock

Batteries have come a long way in electrical storage capabilities. However the type of cells used in these batteries lose their ability to store charge after several deep discharge cycles. Please report a battery drain right away, so our team can take care of it!Oil Change Modo Carsharing

What to do if the Oil Change message occurs?

To ensure long life of the engine components most vehicles today automatically bring up a reminder to have the engine oil and filter components serviced at regular Odometer intervals.

Several of our vehicles not only bring up a Engine indicator but also have a text message displayed when starting the engine. Always contact the Loyalty Team whenever an Oil Change indication occurs. Our Fleet Team will then plan to reset the indication and arrange for the vehicle to be serviced.

All Modo vehicles are serviced regularly, as well as before long journey bookings!

How do Window locks work?

Most of our Modo fleet have the ability from the drivers door to control the position of all the window winders on all doors. Additionally the drivers door panel also holds a switch to enable/disable the window controls of all other doors. Similar to the Child-lock on rear doors this can be confusing. If by accident this switch is pressed, passengers will not be able to open or close their windows. Specific to certain vehicles additional switches are also provided to open/shut rear side windows.

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