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Fix It with Farrell: Fault Conditions

Farrell is one of our Fleet Technicians and works with our vehicles every day to ensure they’re in tip-top shape for our members. Check our blog and newsletter for his stories from the road, and some helpful insider tips!

What’s a Fault Condition?

Any issue that causes one of the dashboard lights to turn on is considered a fault condition.

Icon Fault Light JumbleThey can get confusing!

When we get an alert one of our cars has experienced a fault condition, or hear from a member who’s contacted the Member Loyalty Team (MLT), we take the C.A.R. approach to solving the problem – C.A.R. = Cause. Action. Remedy.

Our Top 5 Issues

1. Check Engine

Engine Icon

Cause: What’s called a “PO 456  Small Evap Leak” – most often meaning the gas cap isn’t fully closed.

Action: Screw on the gas cap till it clicks and report the fault to MLT.

Remedy: We (Modo Fleet Techs) read the code causing the fault, rectify and reset the indicator.

2.  Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)


Cause: The TPMS system has detected low air pressure in one or more tires.

Action: Inflate the tires and report any specific tire issue to MLT.

Remedy: We inspect, repair leaks and or replace affected tires.

3. Brake System Warning

Brake Icon

Cause: The Emergency (Hand or Foot) Brake is engaged.

Action: Release the foot pedal or hand-brake lever.

Remedy: If you’re driving a new-to-you Modo, take a minute after you fob in to locate the emergency brake. It’s usually a lever in between the front seats, or a pedal to the left of the foot brake.

4. Oil Change Required or Service Soon


Cause: A scheduled routine service interval is coming up.

Action: Report the status to MLT.

Remedy: Modo’s Fleet Team manages the routine service intervals for all vehicles in its fleet. Just leave it up to us!

5. Battery Dead 

Battery Light Icon

Cause: The key was left in ignition or the lights were left on.

Action: Report the issue to MLT. (Note: This can also affect the fob reader so if you’re having trouble getting into your Modo, call the MLT.)


Vehicle at home location: The Fleet Team will swap it out for a fully charged battery.

Vehicle at a remote location: After the member calls in the issue, the MLT will arrange to get the car started. After the booking, the Fleet Team will swap out it out for a fully charged battery.

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