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Fix It with Farrell: Push Button Ignition

Farrell is one of our Fleet Technicians and works with our vehicles every day to ensure they’re in tip-top shape for our members. Check our blog and newsletter for his stories from the road, and some helpful insider tips!

Fix it with Farrell Modo

Why can’t I find my car key?

There’s a simple answer to this question: your Modo might not have one! Several cars in our fleet have a push button ignition and don’t use keys.

To start these vehicles, follow these three simple steps:

  • Make sure the gear-shift is in the P (Park) position.
  • Apply the foot brake firmly before pressing the start button.
  • Press the START button firmly and you’ll soon be on your way!


Prius V Push Start Car
Before pushing “Power”: The button light turns green when the brake pedal is pressed. (Picture: Prius V)
Push Start Car Prius V
After pushing the button, the system starts and the green light goes out.

How it starts

Hybrid vehicles: The vehicle will perform a system test and extinguish all alert indications. The gas engine may not start unless the vehicle is cold or has stood for a while. To force the gas engine to start (while the shift is in Park position) simply press the accelerator pedal twice.

Electric vehicles: The vehicle will go through a short test of all systems before it displays a Ready to Drive message.

Gas Engines: The starter will engage and crank the engine to start.

Push Button switching OFF

After stopping the vehicle and placing the gear-shift in P (Park) position, apply the foot brake firmly and press the Start button again. The vehicle will shut down and you can leave the vehicle after fobbing out.

Accessory Mode

It is possible to power up the radio, lights and accessories without running the main engine of the car.

To do this press the START button without depressing the foot brake pedal.*

*Warning: Extended operation in the accessory mode will deplete the 12V battery!

Farrell Segall is one of the Nominees in the 2016 election for the Vancity Board of Directors. Farrell is an innovator with a broad understanding of sustainability. He already serves the needs of our community in many ways and we encourage members to consider supporting him in this campaign. Start of Election: March 29, 2016.

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