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Fix It with Farrell: Adjusting Your Seat

Farrell is one of our Fleet Technicians and works with our vehicles every day to ensure they’re in tip-top shape for our members. Check our blog and newsletter for his stories from the road, and some helpful insider tips!


Laid-back Driving styles

Modo members come in all shapes and sizes and so do drivers’ seats. With several different adjustment levers and controls out there, I put together a few tips on how to adjust the seat just right!

Distance from the floor pedals


Usually the lever to adjust this consists of a horizontal bar under the front of the seat. In some vans however this is a flat horizontal button on the door side of the seat that electrically moves the seat forward or away from the pedals.

Backrest Adjustments

In most vehicles these levers or round knobs are on the sides of the seat and adjust the angle of the backrest.

In two-door models (Fiat 500) and rear mid-section folding seats (Orlando), a paddle type lever is usually located on the top of the backrest to fold forward the  seat backs. These levers often require significant effort to unlatch the seat back.

Seat Height Adjustments


Many vehicles are equipped with a lever on the door side of the drivers seat which can raise or lower the seat with respect to the floor of the vehicle. This lever works like a ‘pump’ and each time the lever is pulled up (or down) it will raise (or lower) the seat by one increment.

Steering Wheel Adjustments

Under the steering column on many vehicles is a lever that allows the position of the steeing wheel to be repositioned to the most comfortable spot for your driving habit. Lowering the lever allows the steering wheel to be moved up/down or forward and back. Raising the lever locks the wheel again into the desired position.

Never attempt to adjust the seat or steering wheel position while driving!

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