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“Where’s a Modo car when you really need one?” — Gord Kurenoff’s #Modo8k Recap

Gord Kurenoff is a blogger and running race reporter for the Vancouver Sun. When Gord is not racing around Vancouver with his “sole mates”, you’ll probably find him in close vicinity to a cookie table.

“Where’s a Modo car when you really need one?”

There is a downside to having your real name on a racing bib.

Taking part in my first Modo Spring Run-Off 8k, a well thought-out decision reached after celebrating St. Patrick’s Week (yes, week!), was one of those ‘aha moments.’

With seven of eight kilometres in the rear-view mirror, and 50-some minutes into this Stanley Park exercise, we reached THE HILL. Spectators, concerned that my dangling tongue had turned into a street sweeper, yelled out: “You can do it, Gord! Only one more short K … don’t even think about that nasty incline!”

My response, between the noises that sounded just like gasping, was: “Where’s a Modo car when you really need one?”

To which a mom and her two giggling kids offered: “There’s one at the finish line!”

Sure enough, right by the awesome chocolate chip cookies (smile!), there was a Modo vehicle, and a photo backdrop for the Canadian Running Series.

“OK, now jump, just like the other finishers,” said my wonder wife Lisa as she snapped photos. “Ready, set, go … what’s wrong?”

Guess the combination of too many cookies and an 8K, plus that finishing hill, rendered my “signature” launch/air time useless. It made for a fun photo nonetheless, and capped off a wonderful morning surrounded by wonderful people.

Gord K-8K Cookie
Gord Kurenoff had his eyes on the prize!

When you sit down next year and inspect the busy racing calendar, you should automatically circle this one as a must-do. The entire experience was smooth from go to whoa — the volunteers, organizers and all the stakeholders put on a show worthy of a standing O.

Congrats to Vancouver’s Rachel Cliff and Calgary’s Trevor Hofbauer for their impressive victories. Heck, I don’t even dream as fast as they run!

I’ll be back next year for sure, hopefully in better shape and a tad faster, but like I told everybody this week: “I didn’t have a fast time, but I had a great time.”

And really, isn’t that what’s it all about if all your “crush” as a recreational runner is cookies?


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