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Guest Post by Flo Devellennes: From HitchPlanet to Pop!

Filled seats = cheaper Modos!


In the Summer of 2014, I embarked on the adventure of turning one of my side side-projects into a company.

The project was called HitchPlanet, a ridesharing website to help skiers share rides to the mountains during ski season. It had gathered 7,000 users and was the perfect mix between my two favourite things — travel and technology.

As I entered this new venture, I decided to make two bold moves:

  1. Sell my car to reduce my burn rate
  2. Embrace other “sharing mobility” solutions and learn from them

This is when my story with Modo started

I had a few friends already using Modo, and always thought it could be a good alternative to owning a car that’s parked outside for 90% of the time anyway. Fast-forward two years, and we use Modo all the time. It’s been a really great complement to our service, as we fill our empty Modo seats with passengers who contribute to the costs of booking the Modo. Win win!

Pop and Modo

So, why partner with Modo? We want both our users and Modo members to discover the joys of combining carsharing and ridesharing. But first, let me tell you a bit more about our service, Pop.

Pop is the evolution of HitchPlanet, a place where drivers can fill empty seats on mid to long-distance trips. Let’s say you’re taking a Modo up to Whistler for a day of skiing and you have a couple of extra seats — you can post them up on Pop and you will be matched with other skiers looking for a ride.


How does it work?

The maximum you can ask for is 12 cents per kilometre, per seat. On a trip up to Whistler with two seats available, you’d be able to collect $15 per seat each way, or $60 towards the costs of your Modo (which is about $80). This means you get a car for $20, including gas!

The cool thing is, you’re also increasing your vehicle occupancy, further reducing your carbon emissions. Plus, you get to meet people in the process!

Pop is based in Vancouver and has 40,000 users in Canada. Our service started with mostly ski trips, but it’s now used by commuters, students, retirees, travellers and more. Popular destinations include Whistler, Squamish, Kelowna and Tofino. We reached 1,000,000 kms shared this year and continue to grow rapidly.


How can I use the Pop service?

Anyone with a Modo account can sign up to Pop and post trips for free. As a driver, there are no charges to using our service. All bookings are made online through our secure platform and we send the money back to you on the 1st of each month via Interac or Paypal.

The best part is — because you’re sharing costs on existing journeys — our service falls within carpooling laws and is allowed to operate in British Columbia.

The next time you book a Modo and get out of town, post your seats on Pop, help someone else get around and do your bit for environment (and your pocket!).

— Flo Devellennes

Modo Co-operative
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Modo Co-operative
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