This is carsharing.

Hey, check it out! Modo’s first all-electric vehicle (and intrepid fleet director Doug Dunn) made the cover of the City of Vancouver‘s Transportation 2040 Plan!

Read the full report, which includes dramatic reductions in car use in favour of walking, transit, cycling & carsharing, here: [PDF]

Here’s the section on carsharing: 


Car sharing is a system whereby a fleet of communal vehicles is available in convenient locations to registered members. 

Members typically pay a nominal monthly administrative fee to cover some of the fixed costs, but most usage costs are paid on a per-kilometre and/or per-hour basis. Car sharing makes it easier to go car-lite or car-free, helping members save money while still having access to a car when they really need one. Car sharing also provides members with flexibility, since they can access different types of vehicles depending on need.  

Car sharing reduces the number of cars on the road, freeing up road space for other uses. Surveys indicate that more than one in five car-share members give up a car, and more than three in ten avoid buying a car altogether. One shared vehicle 

typically replaces up to 20 personally owned vehicles. 

M 3.1. Support increased car sharing 

Vancouver is a North American car-sharing leader, with three organizations currently serving Greater Vancouver, and over 700 shared cars distributed throughout the region. Currently, the City supports car sharing by allowing 

developers to replace five parking spaces with one car-share space in some new developments, and by reserving some on-street parking spaces.  

The City is also supportive of peer-to-peer car sharing, where an existing car owner makes their personal vehicle available for others to rent for short periods of time. 


M 3.1.1. Expand requirements and incentives for car sharing in new developments. 

M 3.1.2. Continue to make priority on-street locations available for car sharing. 

M 3.1.3. Adopt parking design guidelines for larger developments that enable non-residents to access on-site carsharing vehicles. 

M 3.1.4. Support legislative and technological advances that facilitate peer-to-peer car sharing

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