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Join TEAM MODO: Sign the Modo 8k Pledge!


UPDATE: Deadline extended to 12pm, Monday, January 20!

As announced, Modo is this year’s Title Sponsor of the Modo Spring Run-Off 8k! And we want you to join our team!

Join us March 23, 2014, as thousands of runners loop around Stanley Park, along the Seawall, beginning and ending at the Stanley Park Pavilion.

We want to keep you motivated all the way to the finish line, but it’s going to take a team effort…


The benefits of joining our team are many, not the least of which:

  • Meet fellow Modo members!
  • Get the advice and support of new and experienced runners!
  • Join for a group run (or five) and share a meal after! 
  • Run as a pack on race day, using the power of the group to help you maintain a steady pace!

» CONTEST: Enter to win one of 10 free spots on Team Modo and receive:


1. Sign the Modo 8k Pledge: 

The Modo 8k Pledge sets out the basic set of tenets for our team. To sign the pledge, click on this link to bring up the Pledge on Facebook, click “Share”, then copy and paste the text below, add your name and click “Share Photo”.  

I, ______________, pledge to:

SHARE my training journey
SUPPORT my fellow Team Modo teammates
SMILE even while gasping for breath
CROSS THE FINISH LINE, whether running, walking or crawling

Want to add your own spin to the Pledge and inspire your teammates to run, do, be better, stronger, faster? Use the comments section to post a Pledge addition – and be sure to read through others’ additions as well!

2. Become a founding member of the Modo 8k Facebook Group


Think of the Modo 8k Facebook Group as a support group for runners seeking tips and tricks, wanting to celebrate milestones, post training pics and recipes, and so on! Use the group to ask questions, offer advice, and share training pics, playlists, stories of success, and more. Open to everyone!

Not on Facebook? Not a problem! Submit your training journey photos, stories and observations to Modo via email (teammodo[at]modo[dot]coop) for the Modo 8k Training Journal on Facebook and the Modo blog. We’ll be sure you get news of any Team Modo meet ups, group runs and updates!

3. Confirm your entry with Modo.

Send a screenshot (and a URL, if you’d like) to teammodo[at]modo[dot]coop with the subject: “Team Modo contest entry”. Winners will be selected at random and announced Friday, January 17. Monday, January 20 at 12pm.

(All contest entrants will be notified in order to allow non-winning entrants to take advantage of the early-bird discount and register before midnight on Wednesday, January 22.)

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