This is carsharing.

Kevington Buidling supports carsharing in the community!

Kevington Building is a Modo Business member and active supporter of carsharing in the community. The Modo vehicle at District Main was Modo’s 300th car in the fleet, and a big success in the development thanks to the engaged team at Kevington Building.

Modo and Kevington Building

Like Modo, Kevington Building is passionate about the pursuit of innovative sustainable practices.

That is why we are proud to be a partner of Modo.

A large portion of our sustainable planning is how we nurture community both inside our properties, and in the surrounding area. In the commuter, friendly neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, we wanted to bring car sharing to our District Main property. It was this initiative that began our Modo story.

The 300th car at District Main

After researching and meeting with Modo’s exciting, passionate and professional team, we were overjoyed to form a partnership. One of the outcomes of this partnership was when our District Main property became home to the Modo’s 300th car. It is fitting that this milestone was achieved at one of Vancouver’s most exciting, progressive, community oriented rental buildings where social and environmental sustainability are part of the community culture.


As Modo continues to grow, now with 500 vehicles, so too has our partnership. From AGM meetings, to participating annually in the Modo 8k race, Modo has become an integral part of our sustainable practices. You can even catch our team members looking fly as they cruise around town in very same 300th vehicle.

Kevington Buidling Modo 8k
The Kevington Building Team pre-race at the Modo 8k 2016.

Congratulations to the staff at Modo. We love what you do and look forward your next milestone!

Our top tips to introduce carsharing in a building

Residents at District Main were activated to try carsharing, our activation at District Main included:

  • 300th launch party with Modo members and residents that included decorating the Modo car stall
  • Held an information session in the lobby for interested members and current members
  • Provided promotional material in the lobby as well as displayed on the power point screens
  • Had promo cards for new members signing up at the front desk
  • Include Modo as a building amenity
  • Add signage to the stall indicating a new carshare vehicle was available
  • Added directional signage to the building to let the community know that a Modo vehicle was on site.

– Michael Gunion

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Modo Co-operative
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