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#LetsModo to Mount Baker


Six pairs of skis (downhill and back-country), snowshoes, food (after a stop at our beloved Trader Joe’s in Bellingham), wine, beer, books, two months worth of The New York Times, and we were ready to hit Mount Baker.



I loved the Modo Dodge Grand Caravan. There were only three of us: me and my two sons, aged 18 and 21, but oh boy we filled the space in the car!

Loading up the van brought back fond memories of when the kids were little. We had a similar van and over the years, I fitted the pram, then the stroller, then the bikes with training wheels, then the big bikes, the skis, the tents, etc.

If you love adventure and can imagine going somewhere without knowing where you’re going to sleep, this is your car. In our case, we had booked a last-minute place in Mount Baker and it was heaven!

An old Polish couple, who had built their house with the wood on their property, had a small suite that they rented on a huge piece of land. It was perfect for us – no wi-fi, no TV. Just the silence and time to read after being out all day.


The Modo van was a real treat as we went from downhill skiing to snowshoeing, to back-country skiing to cross-country skiing. It also allowed me to take five big 18 year olds winter camping at Brunswick Lake.

These photos help tell the story of our trip. The black and white photos are the photos of Mount Baker, Washington in the 1950s (one of them featuring Clark Gable!). One photo I think you’ll enjoy is of the “Hairstream” – an Airstream trailer turned beauty salon. I had my hair done there for New Year’s Eve!






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