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#LetsModo with Hammer & Saw: Youth Building Community

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Who are we?

‘Hammer and Saw: Youth Building Community’ is an organization committed to cultivating community connectedness and hands-on learning for youth in the Lower Mainland. Our goals are to empower youth through skills training in wood and metal work and to build projects that respond directly to community identified needs.

Our East Vancouver project

This winter, we completed our second exciting project in East Vancouver with a great team of local youth. Over a five week series, our team designed and constructed a series of garden beds for Watari Counselling & Support Services Society and The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society’s community garden plot in Strathcona Park.

Within each community, the projects and partnerships are selected because of our mutually aligned goals to be supporting members. Watari and the Vancouver Food Bank use this garden plot as a source of food for the services they provide while the space also becomes a gathering place in which community building and experiential learning can take place.


The saying that “many hands make light work” is at the heart of these projects, and the community of East Vancouver really came together to make this happen.

Huge thanks to The Vancouver Tool Library for your partnership and generous tool donations, to Britannia Community Services Centre for the use of your space and ongoing support, to The Urban Native Youth Association for helping us to connect to the community and to all the local vendors who so generously provided our daily hot lunches.

Modo, you helped us easily transport our gear and team all around East Vancouver. We had the right tools and right wheels for the job. Here’s a peek at our #LetsModo day!

Hammer and Saw-2

Getting rolling with our #LetsModo cargo van was fantastic! A dreamy ride with easy access doors and giant storage space in the back.

Hammer and Saw-3

So much for all our usual trips back and forth. It all fit in one easy trip! Check out everything we fit in there!

Hammer and Saw-4

Here’s our great East Vancouver team hard at work on garden beds for Watari and The Vancouver Food Bank!

Hammer and Saw-5

The talented, local carver, Joe Bolton joined us for the day to teach our team a thing or two about a more artistic approach to woodworking.

Hammer and Saw-6

Success! With our garden all constructed, it’s officially time to celebrate! The folks at Watari and The Vancouver Food Bank surprised us with a feast to thank the team for all their hard work.

Hammer and Saw-7

With our awesome Modo cargo van all loaded up, our hard working crew can relax. We have stored our garden boxes in their happy winter home at Watari until the spring when they will find their official home in the Strathcona community garden. Spring time garden party, anyone!?


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