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Members’ love letters to Modo


As part of a recent contest by LOCO, The Tyee and Vancity, love letters were submitted to local businesses. See below for the gushing letters written for Modo.

Oh MODO (the Car Coop) in Vancouver, BC Why do I love thee? Perhaps it’s because you allow me own (and have access to) more than 250 cars guilt free. Or is it because I can wander out my door and go for a quick, local products shopping spree, And buy bags of local produce weighing much more than me. Maybe it’s because you save me money on transportation weekly. Or that your bills are paperless and save many a tree. But the best part might simply be, That with your fob, not a day goes by that I must spend hours looking for a misplaced key…. With love, from me

I ❤ Modo Car Co-op because they change the way we think about using cars. (((((( HUGS )))))

Thank you Modo for making getting around Vancouver so easy and so affordable. Last year I spent less $ on car-sharing, taxis and car rentals combined then car insurance alone would have cost! And the cars you share just keep getting better. You just replaced my local car with an all-electric Nissan Leaf—I love the progress. Thank you once again.

Sending my love to Modo the car co-op. You helped me escape the hell of finding parking in the West End. I’ve been faithful to you for 15 years now, and while there’s others that tempt me, you were my first. xo

Dear MODO in Vancouver, It’s hawt that you made car sharing sexy in Vancouver. Because of you it’s so easy and accessible to get around without owning your own car. I (heart) you!

Dear Modo Car Co-op in Vancouver, Not having to own a private vehicle is like a wonderful gift when you provide access to vehicles at such a reasonable cost. Thanks for being in my neighbourhood and making my life a little easier! Love, Gillian

Dear Modo Car Co-op in Vancouver, You’re so cool. I feel a little like a schoolgirl, gushing over you like that, but I just really want you to know that. I love that I can have access to a car for way less than renting or owning, and that I can take out a four-wheel drive vehicle one weekend to go to the mountains and an electric car the next weekend to run errands in the city. You treat me so well, too, every time I call to change my booking or ask a question. You’re absolutely dreamy. When will you be expanding to the rest of Metro Vancouver? Yours, a member

Dear Modo Car Coop lady, You lend me a car that goes beep beep, I don’t have to use my little feet. Even when there’s rain and sleet, I use it to buy veggies and meat When I call to reserve You’re voice is so sweet You say “owning a car has become obsolete!” Oh Modo car lady, I love you deep I will tell the whole world when I tweet You’re a big part of my life, I think you’re neat With the money I save I’ll be like Wall Street! One day I will call you and I will be very discreet I’ll say, “hey Modo car lady, can we meet in the backseat?” Love, Gus

Dear Modo The Car Co-op, Happy sweet 16 to my favourite 100% local carshare. Will you be my Valentine? You’ve been generously helping me vroom-vroom around Vancouver for 6 years and you’ll always have a special place in my heart. Much love!

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Modo Co-operative
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