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Modo adds DeLorean DMC-12 to Burnaby’s Michael J Fox Theatre



April 1, 2014, Vancouver, BC – Today, Metro Vancouver carshare Modo announced it has added a silver 2015 DeLorean DMC-12 to its fleet of 310 shared vehicles. Any member of the local not-for-profit car co-op may book the sporty time machine for rates as low as $3 per hour, at 2014 Canadian dollar value.

Car #1985 comes equipped with air conditioning, a flux capacitor, gull-wing doors, a hoverboard rack, Mr. Fusion, power mirrors and USB Audio. Its home location is in the parking lot of Michael J. Fox Theatre (5455 Rumble St, Burnaby). To access the parking stall, members may enter the parking lot from MacPherson Ave or Antrim Ave, or fly in from the south over MacPherson Park.

For liability purposes, for members not covered by CLDI, Modo requires the car not be driven at speeds above 141 kilometres per hour (88 mph).

“I wasn’t a member before, but after I first heard about it, I went back and joined in 1997 to make the share purchase a bit cheaper,” said Vancouver-native Marty McFly. “I just booked it for tonight – I’m taking Lorraine to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance!”

Modo was the first carshare co-op in the English-speaking world, and now it is the first carshare to add a DeLorean time machine to its fleet.

“Carsharing is the ideal platform for this type of vehicle,” said Modo information systems director Karen New. “A DeLorean is the kind of car anyone would want to drive but that very few would have the money or time required to maintain.”

A mission-based not-for-profit co-operative, Modo’s mandate is to reduce the number of kilometres driven on the road for the Metro Vancouver region. The addition of this first DeLorean to the carshare’s diverse fleet harkens a new era – or, several new eras.

“Modo extends its gratitude to longtime member Dr. Emmett Brown for helping us procure the DeLorean,” said New.

When reached for comment, Dr. Brown said he’s working to procure a second DeLorean for the member-owned car co-op after seeing a future filled with shared vehicles on a recent trip. He said, “Where we’re going, we don’t need personally owned vehicles!”



Hilary Henegar

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Modo Co-operative
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