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Modo Ambassador Q&A: Cynthia of AMS Bike Co-op

Meet Cynthia Williams, Communications Coordinator at AMS Bike Co-op and Modo Business Ambassador! The team uses Modo to transport bikes and support their program called “Bici Libre”, which removes transportation barriers for migrant farm workers across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

What is the AMS Bike Co-op and how does it work?

Bike shops can be very intimidating spaces, especially for those of us who use the term “thingy-whatsit” when referring to bike parts and tools. The AMS Bike Co-op and Bike Kitchen are committed to providing UBC students, and the wider community, with an accessible environment where they can learn to fix bicycles, share resources, and work together.

We engage in cycling education, outreach and advocacy to promote biking as a safe and sustainable means of transportation. We are working towards developing programming that reaches out to new communities and reduces barriers to cycling and learning about bike mechanics. Learning how to maintain and fix your own bicycle can be very empowering because it reduces the cost of riding your bicycle and makes riding more enjoyable!

How do you use Modo for business? 

The AMS Bike Co-op uses Modo for several of our programs. We use Modo to pick up donation bikes, which we recycle or refurbish. Some of those refurbished bikes go to our Bici Libre Program and the Musqueam Bike Co-op. We also use Modo to travel to different locations across the Fraser Valley to support migrant farm workers through the Bici Libre Program.

What is Bici Libre?

During the growing season, Bici Libre provides bikes and bike tune-ups to migrant farm workers across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Farm workers that come from other countries via the Temporary Foreign Workers Program often live at the farms in which they work, far from town centres and with limited access to basic necessities. Their time off is limited and with mobility restrictions, workers often face difficulties accessing services like banking, medical care and groceries. Our goal is to support workers during their stay and to ensure transportation is not a limitation in their life in Canada.

Which Modo at UBC is your favourite?

I like to drive the Toyota Prius. Driving a hybrid means using less gas. Hybrids all the way!

Own less, live more to me means:


What are some of your favourite co-ops in the city?

Our Community Bikes and Kickstand are also amazing non-profit community bikes shops that are similar to the AMS Bike Co-op and Bike Kitchen. The Vancouver Tool Library is a great co-op too.

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What’s your next Modo trip?

Our next Modo trip will be to the Fraser Valley to support migrant farm workers, by providing them with free bike tune-ups, refurbished bikes and lights, locks and helmets.

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Modo Co-operative
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Modo Co-operative
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