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Modo Ambassador Post: Spring Clean with Modo!

Elinor Warkentin, Modo Ambassador and Professional Organizer at Goodbye Clutter!

My Modo neighbourhood: West of Denman street

My Favourite Modo: A Yellow Kia Soul

Where I Modo: Take away my clients’ clutter in Greater Vancouver

My Tip of the Month: Less is more!

Spring Clean with Modo!

As a Modo member, Professional Organizer and Mennonite, spring cleaning takes on multiple meanings for me. I’m a Modo member for environmental reasons: fewer cars make greener cities. I use Modo for business, with my company Goodbye Clutter! I’m fully insured while I take away my client’s clutter. And I save money, which I learned, growing up, is a good thing!

Loaded up with a client’s recycling ready to drive my Modo to Regional Recycling on Evans Avenue.

Same car, same client, more stuff.

With the delightful sounds of birds chirping outside my window, my spring is in full gear. What are other clues that spring is here? My phone is busy. At this time of year, people have a natural urge to purge. I get it myself, the itch to pitch. In the spring (well truthfully, with me it’s year round), I’m constantly on the lookout for items in my home that I no longer love, use, need or want. And I always have a bag for them near my front door. Currently it contains one t-shirt, one shirt, and one dress for donation to My Sister’s Closet. There’s also a small pile of books I’ve recently read, which will go to the Vancouver Public Library for donation today, gone by the time you read this. Modo makes spring cleaning easy. If you’re hesitant to let things go because you don’t want your clutter to go to a landfill, that’s a common concern. And good thinking!

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, where I drop off lots of clothing and blankets.

Donating clutter to the Wildlife Thrift Store on Drake at Granville.

I use Modo to take my client’s clutter away to a few of my favourite places to drop off unwanted goods:

  • Our Social Fabric (340-1275 Venables Street): Fabrics, sewing notions;
  • First United (320 East Hastings Street): Click on the link for a list of items they take;
  • My Sister’s Closet (1092 Seymour Street): Declutter and support ending violence against women;
  • Powell St Getaway (528 Powell Street): Serve people with mental illness 365 days of the year;
  • Regional Recycling (960 Evan Avenue): For electronics and other recycling.

There are many more places to donate your items. Check out my resource list with more of my favourites.

Value Village is great at taking whatever clutter I have left after other drop offs.

The guys are always friendly and helpful at the electronics recycling on Evans Avenue.

Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes. Once I even had a client with car clutter. She had three Mercedes Benz cars and two weren’t even working. She had a mini-van too, which she used daily. As a result of her car clutter, she was paying for additional parking spaces while struggling with her finances. After discussing her cars like any other category of clutter, and asking that all important question: “How many _______ do you really need?” she sold one of the cars, and planned to sell another.

Many of my clients have so much stuff, they can’t even park in their garage. If they were Modo members, that wouldn’t be a problem, though they’d still have a lot of stuff.

After more than 15 years in business, my favourite Goodbye Clutter mantra is: Less is more. It applies to all forms of clutter, even cars. Choosing Modo over car clutter is a
practical way to consume less, and make more room in your life for what really matters.

Happy Spring Cleaning, and don’t hesitate to call Goodbye Clutter, if you need help.

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