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Meet the Modo Ambassadors

Meet our Modo Ambassadors!

Ours Ambassadors come from all walks of life, but share two things in common: they’re local bloggers and proud advocates for Modo! They help raise awareness of Modo by telling stories about how carsharing with us fits their lifestyle, and offer different perspectives from travel and shared mobility, to family fun and urban planning.

Modo Ambassador Anita Cheung Socialyoga

Anita Cheung is the founder of The Social Yoga — the original nomadic studio offering an alternative to your typical yoga class experience. Classes are workshop-style and run over the course of four weeks in unconventional spaces, from ice cream shops to pizza parlours and cookbook clubs. As someone who is constantly on the go (and new to Modo), Anita is excited to explore carsharing for weekend trips away and for shorter trips around town.

Twitter @thesocialyoga | Facebook Social Yoga | Instagram @thesocialyoga


Modo Ambassador Spokesmama
Photo Credit: Bethany Schiedel

Lisa Corriveau, aka Spokesmama, lives in East Van with her husband and two kids. Her “family car” is a longtail cargo bike, but occasionally she carshares, having been a proud Modo member since 2003. She is the Secretary of the Mount Pleasant Family Centre Board of Directors, sits on the city of Vancouver’s Active Transportation Policy Council and organizes family biking events.

Twitter @spokesmama | Facebook Spokesmama | Instagram @spokesmama | Pinterest Spokesmama


Adrian Crook is a father of five who lives in a 1,023 square foot condo in downtown Vancouver. His family is car-free and enjoys getting around town on foot, by transit and by Modo, when they want to range further. His blog, 5 Kids 1 Condo, is all about minimalism, urbanism and family life — in short, why owning less will lead to having more.

Twitter @5kids1condo | Facebook 5kids1condo | Instagram @AdrianCrook


Elicia Elliott Elicia Elliott is a Transportation Planner serving North America. Having lived all over Canada, Elicia now lives in downtown Vancouver and happily gets around the region on foot, on her bike, on transit, and using Modo. Elicia’s part of a bunch of nerdy Planning stuff, including working with the Planning Institute of BC, and spreading the word about what Planning can do in interviews like this one with Flare Magazine. Non-working hours usually involve tacos, margaritas, and friends.

Twitter: @eliciatoyou | Instagram: @eetranspo


Emma Gilchrist Modo Ambassador

Emma Gilchrist is a journalist who specializes in energy and environment issues. She started her career at the Calgary Herald and now runs DeSmog Canada, an influential online news magazine.  She hasn’t owned a car since she immigrated west from Calgary in 2010. Emma now lives in Fernwood in Victoria. In her free time, she runs a website celebrating the best bits of Victoria, called The Vic Life.

Twitter: @TheVictoriaLife | Instagram: @TheVictoriaLife | Facebook: The Vic Life


Modo Ambassador Jillian Glover

Jillian Glover is a communications advisor who specializes in urban issues and transportation. She is a former Vancouver City Planning Commissioner and holds a Master of Urban Studies degree from Simon Fraser University. She was born and raised in Vancouver, where she lives with her husband and son. In her spare time, she writes about urban issues at her blog, This City Life, recently named on the best city blogs by The Guardian.

Twitter @thiscitylifeyvr | Facebook This City Life | Instagram @jgloverneve



Nicola Grice is a Registered Massage Therapist and Science Facilitator at Vancouver’s Science World. When not massaging or getting her “science nerd” on, this self-confessed energizer bunny can be found running long distance around Vancouver marathon-training, hiking, biking, kayaking, partaking in snow sports or out walking her Chihuahuas for long walks (“because they do not belong in purses!”). When her feet are not on the ground then they’re up in the air or driving a Modo car in an attempt to manage her self-diagnosed severe wanderlust.

Twitter: @NicolaGriceRMT | Facebook: Nicola Grice RMT | Instagram: @pseudocanuck  


Keane Gruending said goodbye to his Jeep during the summer of 2008 and has never looked back! Choosing care-free and car-free, he gets around by foot, bike, carshare, and transit, sometimes all in the same day. As the Communications Manager for the SFU Centre for Dialogue’s Renewable Cities program, he works to advance 100% renewable energy in cities globally, and also has contributed to the Carbon Talks and Moving in a Livable Region programs. In his spare time, he can be found enjoying East Van and road tripping and hiking around the world. 

Twitter: @KeaGru  Blog: keanegruending.com


Modo Ambassador Alicia Haque

Alicia Haque is a British lifestyle and travel writer living in Vancouver. She loves encouraging others to explore the world and adventure to new destinations — sometimes with a Modo! Alicia writes on her own blog, Go Live Explore and has published outdoor stories for British Columbia Magazine. Find her latest Modo trip to Joffre Lakes here.

Twitter @alicia_hq | Facebook Golivexplore | Instagram @alicia_hq


Susan Kim Meal Exchange
Susan Kim is a graduate student at the University of Victoria, situated on Lekwungen Territory, where she researches the personal politics of food sovereignty. A transplant to the Island, she uses Modo through her UVic Graduate Student Society membership to cart herself and her bike to her triathlons in the summer, and on local adventures year-round.
Twitter: @susankim6722 | Instagram: @skim6722


Heidi Kuhn is the owner of Mixers and Elixirs, a micro food business in East Vancouver producing small batch shrubs, which are also known as ‘drinking vinegars’.  She’s been a Modo member since 2008 and has grown from using a carshare for the occasional shopping trip to using different vehicles for picking up supplies, making deliveries, and employing Modo to get her to the local farmer markets where she sells her shrubs. She loves people, food, and all things local!
Facebook Mixers and Elixirs | Twitter @ShrubLoveYVR | Instagram @shrubloveyvr

Quinn MacDonald is the owner and editor for Concrete Garden, a Victoria-based print magazine about sustainable urban agriculture. She doesn’t have space for a car at her downtown apartment and mainly gets around by foot, but she loves using Modo to go do interviews and cover stories about the local food movement for the magazine. Find out more in this Modo Q&A. Quinn also does some writing for Megaphone Magazine and likes to blow off steam and stay fit by playing roller derby with the Eves of Destruction.

Facebook: Concrete Garden Mag | Twitter: @quinnmacdonald | Instagram: @thewifeofwrath


Charmaine Niebergall is the Manager of Volunteer Resources at Island Health, a Master’s student in Community Development at the University of Victoria, and an active volunteer with the Planetary Society.
In her down time, Charmaine likes to (kick-)box, hike, run, hit the gym, and stay engaged in the Victoria music, arts and festival scene. She recently got her driver’s license when she learned that she could become a Modo member. She is an engaged blogger and volunteer who is passionate about supporting local, sustainable businesses in the Victoria area.
Guestblog: Modo | Linkedin Charmaine 



Jen Walker is an avid hiker, a personal trainer and nutrition coach at Movement108 in Vancouver, BC. Her approach to training is to move well, and to move often. Getting outside in nature as much as possible is part of it. Jen organizes bi-monthly group hikes and Modo’s mini vans make adventuring to the mountains a breeze!

Twitter @Movement108 | Facebook Movement108 | Instagram @_jmwalks_ | Instagram Movement108 


Modo Business Ambassadors

Accio Victoria Modo cargovan

Accio is Modo’s first Business Ambassador! Carla Smart is the co-founder and Operations Director of Accio Delivery Inc. When Carla isn’t working she spends her free time playing sports and hanging out with her 2 dogs (Scout & Duke).  Accio Delivery Inc. is a personal and business concierge, if you need “anything” picked up or dropped off in the Victoria area. Read our Q&A with the two owners, Carla and Mike.

Twitter @MyAccio | Facebook MyAccio |Instagram @MyAccio


Cynthia AMSsmall

Cynthia Williams is the communications coordinator for the AMS Bike Co-op and passionate about increasing access to affordable transportation and building community, especially through bikes! Cynthia likes to commute by bicycle across Vancouver and is proud that many of the programs at the AMS Bike Co-op are bicycle- and people-powered. Where the limits of the bicycle exist, that’s where Modo comes in!
Facebook AMS Bicycle Co-op and Bike Kitchen | Twitter @UBCbike | Instagram @bikecoop
The Sharing Farm is a non-profit farm in Richmond that grows food to donate to the food bank and other community meal programs in Richmond. The fine folks at the farm believe that good quality food “shouldn’t be the preserve of the wealthy but should be accessible to all!”. When their 25 year old truck recently broke down, they decided to give carsharing with Modo a try instead of buying a new vehicle.
Blog: Sharing Farm | Facebook: The Sharing Farm | Twitter: @sharingfarm| Instagram: @sharingfarm
The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is Canada’s grassroots voice for wilderness. CPAWS’s vision is to keep at least half of Canada’s public land and water wild. They have been Modo Business member since September 2014 and use Modo’s fleet to take their outreach and message of conservation to different parts of BC, engaging the public and getting local youth involved in programs like Get Outside BC  and Take Back the Wild.  Modo helps the team take workshops and summits to the youth!
Blog: CPAWS | Facebook: CPAWS BC  | Twitter: @CPAWSbc | Instagram: @cpawsbc
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