That’s a wrap!

Modo’s latest art van #1000 is located at Kootenay Loop and is truly one of a kind with its colourful slug design created by Modo member and Culture Crawl artist Dana Ayotte. What better way to show Modo’s support for the arts than featuring our members artwork on our vehicles?

Read our interview with Dana on her Modo experience, and where her affinity for slugs stems from!

Dana in her slug mobile

Interview with the artist Dana Ayotte

How long have you been a Modo member?

Dana: I have been a Modo member since 2006. I use it for running errands, the occasional getaway, and find the cargo vans particularly useful when I have to transport large items like artwork or furniture.

How did you hear about the Modo art van opportunity?

Dana: I came across the call for artists on Modo’s Twitter feed.

Tell us more about the design?

Dana: I recently spent a year living on Galiano Island, during which time I learned a lot about the amazing diversity of wildlife there. As a result I really started to pay more attention to my surroundings. While walking the dog every day through the forest I became fascinated with some of the littler creatures that I was observing. An invitation to participate in a local art show on the island led to the creation of a lino-block print series that included tree frogs, woolly bear caterpillars, and banana slugs.

The slug print was a big hit, and a personal favourite, so I decided to create a slug installation in my studio for the Eastside Culture Crawl last year. I had started to imagine other things I could do with them so when I saw the call for artwork on the Modo van I knew it had to be the slugs!  Seeing them on the van I realised that they are kind of a great reminder to slow down – and hopefully also remind us to appreciate and protect our environment.

How does it feel driving your own art through town?

Dana: Totally awesome! And kind of hilarious. Definitely a first. 

Where can members find your art online/offline?

Dana: You can find me in my studio at 224-1000 Parker Street Studios. and online at my website at or on Instagram @dana.ayotte.

Modo Aunt Leah with Art van

Modo’s Trivia team at an Aunt Leah’s fundraiser with the “slug van”

On the road

Have you seen the “slug van” roaming around Vancouver? The Dodge Ram Promaster is the largest vehicle in our fleet, making it the perfect choice for transporting furniture, bikes, or moving heavy equipment. Plus: All Modo vans have commercial parking permits!

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