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Pro Tip: Modo at the Ferry

Make your travel plans that much easier and cheaper with Modo vehicles at Departure Bay Ferry terminal, Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, Swartz Bay Terminal, Horseshoe Bay and Langdale Ferry Terminal. With our “ferry fleet of eight”, travel across the water will be smooth sailing – just be sure to book these vehicles in advance! Ferry vehicles were a regular request we heard from members and thanks to our expansion in Victoria in 2015  — and prolonged efforts to secure parking — your trips are now a breeze.

Victoria, Swartz Bay Terminal

Located at the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, in long-term parking. From the terminal, follow the zebra crossing 150 metres past the passenger pickup and short-term parking lots.

  • A 2014 brown Chevrolet Orlando (#528)
  • A 2012 red Toyota Matrix (#371)

Vancouver, Tsawwassen Terminal

Located right next to the vehicle entrance for long-term parking at the terminal.

  • A 2013 silver Chevrolet Orlando (#562)
  • A 2012 red Toyota Matrix (#342)

Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay 

Located in the Troll’s restaurant overflow parking, 150 meters southwest of the ferry terminal.

  • A 2011 blue Toyota Corolla (#369)
  • A 2012 silver Toyota Matrix (#394)

Nanaimo, Departure Bay

Parked in a reserved curbside space on the Newcastle Channel side of Stewart Avenue, between Zorkin Road and Drake Street. If you’re coming from the ferry terminal, walk 200 metres toward the traffic light at the parking lot entrance (the car is parked on street outside the long term parking lot.)

  • A 2014 white Toyota Prius V (#540)

Sunshine Coast, Langdale Ferry 

  • a 2018 white Hyundai Tucson (#1180)

“Living on the Gulf Islands mostly car-free, but sometimes its really vital to have a car for errands in town. This may finally make it practical to ditch our car!” Emanuel B., Modo member (via Facebook).

“Having Modo vehicles at ferry terminals has been a huge game-changer for us – while we primarily live in Vancouver, my partner Sarah still works in Victoria a few days a week. We were debating whether or not to keep a vehicle on the Island for work trips, but once the terminal locations were announced we were able to get rid of the car! With access to a Modo in Swartz Bay, day-trips for work are now both possible and affordable. It’s also been great for weekends when we cycle over, giving us a chance to explore some of the local mountains and trails which we couldn’t have done without access to a vehicle.” Tom S., Modo member.

“My family have been using Modo cars for five years now, and we love it. A year and a half ago, we moved to the Southern Gulf Islands and were very sad to say goodbye to the fleet, but still took the ferry over regularly for kids programs, shopping, and entertainment. We would get off the ferry, wait upwards of an hour for the bus, ride for 45 minutes to the Skytrain, ride for another 15 minutes on the train, and then (finally!) get into one of our favourite Modo cars in the city…we would then have to repeat the process to get home again…but no more!!! You have just added 3 hours of time in the city to our most recent trip, not to mention the priceless comfort of stepping off that ferry and getting into a beautiful Chevy Orlando with room for our family of four plus a father-in-law, and all of our stuff…we were in the city in no time, singing along to our favourite songs on the radio and talking as loud as we liked all the way…MODO ROCKS! Thanks again.” Paul C., Modo member.

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