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Modo member perks from The Co-operators

Modo membership doesn’t only include access to hundreds of cars, trucks, vans and electrics across the Lower Mainland. Being a member of the car co-op also offers special perks, exclusive to our members and not available anywhere else.

Case in point: The Co-operators Special Member Benefits for Modo The Car Co-op 

Member-owned Canadian insurance company The Co-operators has offered insurance plans to Canadian organizations for more than 65 years. The Co-operators is proud of its co-operative heritage and partnering with Modo to offer members several exclusive benefits and savings on Travel Insurance, Home Insurance and Group Insurance.

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» Modo Member Perk: 10% off Travel Insurance

Whether taking a road trip to Ontario or flying to Bora Bora, Modo members receive 10% off the Co-operator’s already competitive rates on travel medical insurance plans. Emergency assistance and $5 million on medical and hospital expenses are included (click for full coverage details). Coverage is available up to age 89 and is available worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To get the perk, visit our local Co-operators advisor, or call the TIC call centre at 1-877-297-9992. The process takes very little time to do and can even be done on the same day you leave the province or country; in fact, you can even order the insurance after you’ve already arrived at your destination (though it cannot be backdated).

» Modo Member Perk: Home Insurance perks

There are several ways Modo members can save big on home insurance with The Co-operators. To take advantage of any of the following perks, have your Modo member number ready when contacting your local Co-operators advisor.

o   Member Benefits Discount Modo members automatically qualify for the Member Benefits discount. There are two parts to this discount: a base amount that applies to all eligible Home policies plus a loss experience amount, based on the performance of the member organization. The better the loss experience (less claims paid out), the higher the discount will be.

o   Enhanced home insurance coverage Claims Forgiveness, and availability of Enviroguard and Better Limits for Members home insurance endorsements.

For Modo members who access home insurance with The Co-operators, the free Claims Forgiveness perk forgives your first claim so that it will not impact your insurance rates. (This perk is usually only available to Co-operators members with multiple lines of insurance – Auto, Medical, Home, Farm, etc.)

In the event of a flood, fire, etc, Modo members who access the Enviroguard home insurance endorsement receive 15% above their claim (versus the usual 10%) to cover repair and restoration using environmentally sustainable products. The cost to Modo members is only $20 per year, instead of the regular rate of $40.

For Modo members accessing the Better Limits for Members home insurance endorsement, the blanket coverage limit is extended to $30,000 for just $10 per year. This includes jewelry, collections, furs and bikes. As well, members also have access to a blanket limit coverage of $10,000 for business property that would otherwise be subject to individual limits; this is especially suited for those that work from home, for example, and have computer equipment, furniture and other business related items in the home.

Contact The Co-operators:

To learn more, contact a Co-operators Financial Advisor and identify yourself as a Modo member. Call 1-888-761-7851 and visit

Modo Co-operative
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Modo Co-operative
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