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Modo members elect 3 directors to the board for 3-year terms

At Modo’s 2013 Annual General Meeting on January 24, members elected three members to the Modo Board of Directors for three-year terms. 

Outgoing director Gregory Freeman, who’d been elected to the board for a one-year term the year previous, was re-elected. As was David Lach, who had previous served on Modo’s board from 2005-2012. New this year is Amy Severson!

They join sitting board directors Joel DeYoung (Chair), Alan Woodland (Vice Chair), Charlotte Argue, Art Blundell and Beth Breisnes. 

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Find their candidate statements below, via the Annual Report:

Gregory Freeman 

I volunteered for the Modo Board of Directors in 2012, based on a strong desire to see Modo thrive and grow. We’ve had a great year. With your support, I will continue to be a voice for improving the Modo driving experience; enhancing Modo’s brand and community visibility; and keeping the co-op on a sound financial footing. 

Modo is important to me because greener transportation shouldn’t be an inferior option. An appealing and convenient carsharing program is a crucial piece (along with better transit and bike paths) in making alternatives to personal car ownership attractive to a wider segment of the population. I am committed to making sure that Modo provides the best possible user experience, with more and newer vehicles that are clean and reliable.    

I bring to the board a strong background in strategic planning and considerable experience in the not-for-profit sector. I have prepared strategic plans for cities and companies, and spent 12 years running the consulting practice of the LAEDC, a private, non-profit economic development agency in Los Angeles. Currently, I split my time between consulting contracts and caring for my son. I joined Modo in 2009 while I still lived in California. My wife has been a member since 1999.

David Lach

For me, carsharing is one of a range of transportation options that includes walking, cycling and public transit. I want Modo to continue its leadership in carsharing and the sustainable transportation movement in our region.

I am a strong believer in co-operatives as a way for people to create, own, and benefit from services that meet their needs. Co-ops are businesses, with all the challenges and opportunities that businesses have. They are also communities that respond to evolving needs and give members the opportunity to participate.

Modo’s strong financial results this year are impressive, but things can change quickly. I would bring to the Modo board a working history of involvement in and experience of challenging as well as good times.

Car co-op experience

• Happy member since 1997

• Board member from 2005 to 2012

• Chair of the board from 2007 to 2009

• Led the process that resulted (2006) in Modo’s new rules of incorporation

• Board representative on bargaining team for the first contract and its first renewal


• Experienced director of small and very large co-ops, including my own housing co-op, the Co-operative Housing Federation of B.C., Credit Union Central of British Columbia, The Co-operators Group Limited, and the B.C. Co-operative Association.

• Not a lawyer, but extremely familiar with co-op legislation – led the B.C. co-op sector’s committee that worked with government on the modernized B.C. Co-op Act.

• Not an accountant, but financially literate and experienced in financial management as General Manager of my worker co-op.

Amy Severson        

My name is Amy Severson & I work as the Manager of Training for ACT – Autism Community Training, a not for profit that provides information and training services for families with kids with autism and the professionals and work with these kids. I work with our own board of directors, writing reports on our projects and calling on them to represent the society at training events. I’m proud of the work that our Board does for us and I’d like to do the same for Modo. 

My educational background is in adult education and as a career that’s morphed into training, online education and peer-based communities, user experience design and professional communications. All this combined means that I have background in public speaking (useful for representing Modo), basic understanding of financial documents (useful for interpreting the financial position) and a firm appreciation of the complexities of user needs (useful for strategic planning). Writing grants flexes my communications and persuasive writing skills.

I believe in sustainable cities that include multiple modes of transportation – I cycle to work everyday, and use Modo cars to go snowshoeing in the winter. Sometimes I plan ahead and go grocery shopping for all those pesky heavy items when I have a car out.

Modo is many things to many people – I’ve been a coop member since 2005, and I’ve been impressed by the growth and evolution of Modo and proud to be a member.

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