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Get the lowest price on every trip with Modo Plus

14 April 2016

We’re changing our plans so you get the lowest price. Every time. Every trip.

Modo has the largest and most diverse two-way carsharing fleet in BC but we know that when it comes down to it, our members want to be sure they’re getting the best rate on their trips. Our Member-Owner and Monthly plans have been simplified over the years but occasionally one plan favours a specific trip type over the other — like when an overnight trip to Whistler is less expensive for Monthly members.

So, we’ve gone one step further to improve things, by guaranteeing Member-Owners will always get the lowest price, every time, every trip. It’s that simple. Meet the new Modo Plus Plan!

What is Modo Plus?

Modo Plus is the evolution of our current Member-Owner plan. The main difference? You’re guaranteed the lowest price for your booking. Period.

I’m a Member-Owner, what do I do?

Nothing — you’ll be automatically driving with the Modo Plus plan as of May 1. Just sit back and enjoy the trip!

I’m a Monthly member, but want to switch to Modo Plus. What do I do?

You can switch your account with a single phone call! Give them a call at 604.685.1393 (press 1, 1) and tell them you’d like to become a Modo Plus member.

A $500 one-time, refundable share deposit is required for the Modo Plus plan.

Are there any other changes?

We’ve made some changes to our Oversized and Premium Vehicle rates, along with our Overnights.

Oversized & Premium Rates:

Member-Owners will no longer pay a kilometre surcharge for Oversized vehicles, however all Modo members will pay an additional $4/hour for both Oversized and Premium vehicles.

Don’t forget our Premium cars can be booked at your regular rate until April 30!


Member-Owners used to only pay for kilometres between 11pm–8am during Overnight bookings. We’ve discontinued this perk and are introducing a maximum time charge of $15*— and we’re extending our Overnight hours to now cover 7pm–9am. Monthly members will also enjoy these extended Overnight hours, with a maximum charge of $26.25.

And thanks to our Modo Plus guarantee, Member-Owners will never pay more than $26.25 when booking a Modo for the evening, or taking one home from work after a late night.


*Updated to reflect new pricing as of September 1, 2017

Here’s a recap of your Member Plans

If you’re one of our long-time Modo members, you’ll remember the days of (multiple) complex price plans. Some of you took the time to crunch the numbers and find the plan that best fit your needs. Some of you just signed up for all the plans to cover your bases. This worked at the time when Modo was starting out but as we grow, we want to address these gaps in our service. Co-ops are made to serve the needs of their members — and you need to feel confident when you book a Modo, each and every trip.

For our existing Member-Owners, you’ll be driving as Modo Plus members automatically on May 1. As for Monthly members, we’re happy to help you switch your plan with a simple phone call! If Modo Plus isn’t an option for you right now, be assured that next to Modo Plus, your rate is still the lowest in town.

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