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More more vehicles, more options, better efficiency!


2013 was a great year for Modo. Not only did we celebrate our Sweet 16, but we expanded our service further throughout Metro Vancouver, adding 28 new vehicles to achieve more than 300 cars, trucks, vans and electrics – including a fancy schmancy red sportscar and a couple of cargo vans!

We brought the first carshare vehicle to Coquitlam and finally were able to add a vehicle in Richmond, while continuing to improve service throughout the existing network.

And we even improved our fleet’s fuel efficiency, replacing older, less fuel efficient vehicles with newer vehicles that are either better on gas or require little or no gas at all. In fact, after adding 14 new Prius and Prius C and 2 Ford C-Max, our fleet is now 13% hybrid or fully electric, up from 11% a year ago!

Find all 300+ vehicles on our fleet map and a list below of our 25 new locations in 2013:


  • UBC Aquatic Centre

Vancouver – Dunbar

  • Dunbar Community Centre

Vancouver – Fairview

  • Olympic Village SkyTrain
  • W 1st & Pennyfarthing

Vancouver – West End

  • Stanley Park Tennis Courts
  • Villa Cardello

Vancouver – Downtown

  • Milross

Vancouver – Mount Pleasant

  • E 11th & Watson
  • Kingsgate Mall (2nd vehicle at this location)
  • Wall Centre False Creek
  • Walter Hardwick Urban Fare

Vancouver – RIley Park

  • Charles Tupper Field
  • District Main

Vancouver – Sunset

  • All India

Vancouver – Marpole

  • Eburne Park

Vancouver – Strathcona

  • Fire Hall 1

Vancouver – Kensington-Cedar Cottage

  • Grays Park
  • Robson Park

Vancouver – Grandivew-Woodland

  • Fire Hall 9

Vancouver – Hastings-Sunrise

  • Burrard View Park

Vancouver – Renfrew-Collingwood

  • Nanaimo & Copley


  • Brighouse SkyTrain
  • Lansdowne SkyTrain

Burnaby Heights

  • Albert & Esmond

Burnaby – Brentwood

  • Holdom SkyTrain

Burnaby – Metrotown

  • Maywood & Willingdon


  • Rochester

North Vancouver

  • North Van School Board

Note: These figures are for the calendar year 2013, January 1 to December 31, 2013, as distinguished from fiscal year 2012/2013, October 1, 2012, to September 30, 2013.

Modo Co-operative
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Modo Co-operative
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