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News Release: Modo comes to Rutledge Park, Saanich

Modo gives Saanich residents more reasons to go car-free/light

Vancouver, B.C. (September 28, 2016) – Modo, the only member-owned carshare operator in Greater Victoria, recently added a car to the Rutledge Park area, in the District of Saanich. This marks the first on-street parking location Modo has negotiated directly with Saanich, demonstrating the District’s commitment to more sustainable modes of transportation. With the cost of housing on the rise, car owners are increasingly taking to foot, bike, transit and carsharing, as a means to lower their costs and environmental footprint.

Modo, formerly Victoria Carshare Co-op, was well ahead of its time back in 1997, when it began offering residents of Victoria a way to get all the conveniences of car ownership without the associated cost and hassle. The Rutledge Park location makes it Modo’s fourth car in in Saanich, slowly closing the gap between it and Victoria.

“We’re excited to put a car in Saanich,” said Patrick Nangle, CEO of Modo Co-operative, “where we already have around 20 members within 500 metres of the Park ready to put our new Prius Hybrid to good use. It’s great to see the District’s willingness to support us with parking.” As a co-operative, Modo has always put the needs of its members and community first, so its no surprise to Nangle to see his operations expand to a suburban centre like Saanich, where multi-national carshares tend to steer clear. Rutledge Park is surrounded by medium density multi-family housing, close to transit and bike routes, which makes the location ideal for carsharing. “And when Uptown’s residential site is complete,” continues Nangle, “Modo will add more cars to keep up with member demand.”

With the average cost of owning and operating a car in BC a staggering $9,500 per year, residents are increasingly looking to shed their cars in exchange for less expensive and more sustainable options. With rates as low as $5/hour*, including gas, insurance and maintenance, more than 1850 people in Greater Victoria have been enjoying the benefits of leading a car-free or car-light lifestyle, by sharing Modo’s 40 cars, trucks, SUVs, hybrids and electrics. Cars are also conveniently located at most ferry terminals, allowing passengers to cross the Straight car-free and grab one on the other side.

“Saanich sees carsharing as a great complement to public transit and active transportation modes,” said Mayor Richard Atwell. “Carsharing is good for our community, helping to reduce the number of cars on our roads and the amount of land required for parking.” Atwell welcomes the Rutledge Park car, saying it will provide immediate relief to many residents who currently travel downtown or to the university to access a Modo. “We look forward to adding more shared vehicles as the density and walkability of our neighbourhoods increase,” continues Atwell. “More options means more flexibility for Saanich residents.”

Residents of Saanich will find Modo’s Prius Hybrid at the corner of Inverness Road and Glasgow Avenue. To become a member, visit

Heather Reid, Modo’s main contact in Victoria, with the new Prius hybrid (#816) at Rutledge Park.

About Modo:

Modo provides convenient, reliable and affordable access to the most diverse fleet of shared vehicles across Victoria and the Lower Mainland. With over 500 sedans, sports cars, trucks, cargo vans, hybrids and EVs, serving more than 17,000 individual and 400 business members, Modo affords all the benefits of having a car, without all the hassles and expense of owning one (or two).

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Selena McLachlan, Modo

Director, Marketing & Business Development


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*Updated to reflect new pricing as of April 1, 2017

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