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Pro Tip: Parking Rules & Etiquette

Thanks to the City of Vancouver, one of the perks of being a Modo members is being able to park in any Permit Only or Resident Only parking zone. That goes for both vehicle home locations and when members are out and about. Plus, all our cargo vans and pick-up trucks have commercial parking permits!

In other cities outside of Vancouver, this parking perk is not available, and so for Modo home locations we’ve worked with municipalities to create specific designated on-street parking stalls for our vehicles.

Occasionally, these designated stalls are occupied by non-Modo vehicles. At that point, our members ask, Where do I park?

Take our Lansdowne SkyTrain vehicle (#479). When members find this on-street stall occupied, they are permitted to park in the 2-Hour Zone in front of the stall. After they fob out, a quick phone call to our Member Care team is appreciated to let them know of the situation so we can alert members who’ve booked it later that day.

Whenever you’re in doubt during a booking, ring our Member Care team. There’s always a solution that can be worked out!


Here’s a few reminders for parking rules and etiquette when driving a Modo:

  • DON’T PARK where traffic signs prohibit parking! This includes bus stops, bike lanes, pedestrian walkways and crossings.
  • REMEMBER 6 METRES is the magic number for distance required between you, Stop signs and fire hydrants. If you’re parked too close, you’ll be towed and fined. So don’t.
  • GO WITH THE FLOW and only park in the direction traffic travels.
  • SNUGGLE UP to the curb and make sure you’re no more than 30 centimetres (about 12 inches) from its edge, otherwise you could be ticketed anywhere from $50 to $100.
  • ALLEYWAYS & DRIVEWAYS require at least 1.5 metres between them and your vehicle.

When in doubt, refer to this handy webpage by the City of Vancouver, which includes diagrams for required parking distances and other finer parking points.

Did You Know…?

  • Expired parking meter tickets range from $35 to $105. (Use a smart phone? Keep your meter topped up to avoid a ticket with the handy Pay By Phone app!)
  • Vehicles that idle for longer than 3 minutes may be ticketed. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary idling and do your wallet (and the environment) a favour.
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