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Pro Tip: Winter tires

Kelvin S., Regional Fleet Manager, Metro Vancouver

Kelvin Stokes Modo Staff

My Modo neighbourhood: Coquitlam

My Favourite Modo: One of our 16 vehicles close to the Evergreen Extension!

Where I Modo: Around Coquitlam and Buntzen Lake

My Tip of the Month: Book our winterized fleet — check for winter tires and roof racks!

All Modo vehicles are winter ready!

As we come closer to the holiday season, the first thought my team has every year is preparing your Modos for the winter and making sure you are all safe on the roads. All Modo vehicles, with the exception of the Fiat Abarth, the Scion FR-S and the Lexus IS200t, are winter ready and equipped with all-season (Mud and Snow) tires. We currently have 61 vehicles in the fleet outfitted with winter tires and 30 vehicles with All-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. Check out our “Snowbound” category for the best roomy rides to get to the ski hill!

How do I book one of the winterized Modos?

You can quickly find a Modo with winter tires by using the Filter Search when booking online or on your phone.

  • Click New Booking
  • Select Required Accessories filter
  • Choose any accessories you want for your trip, including winter tires (choose winter tires, roof racks etc.)
  • Confirm your choices and then click Search to pull up a customized list to choose from
  • See the screenshots below for a visual guide!

FYI, winter sports fans — all our caravans have roof racks ready to transport your gear!

BC Provincial Regulations

There are Regulatory Signs posted in various locations on numbered and un-numbered highways throughout the province. The sign below is one you may encounter during the winter to keep roads and drivers safe:

M+S stands for Mud and Snow and indicates that the tire meets the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) all-season tire definition. Tires with the M+S designation, or better are required, with a tread depth of a minimum of 3.5mm. At Modo, we consider 3.5mm as worn out, and tires are replaced before they wear to that level. These are winter tires, with self-cleaning treads, have average traction in muddy or very snowy conditions, and are suitable for low temperatures.

Tires marked with the symbol of a mountain and snowflake meet specific snow traction performance requirements, and have been designed specifically for use in severe conditions. It’s important to note that not all tires feature both symbols like the one pictured below.

But, what about chains?

Modo strongly advises against the use of tire chains. They are difficult to install, have a maximum vehicle speed of 30km/h, and can be very dangerous and destructive if they come off inadvertently. Our damage pool coverage does not cover damage caused by tire chains. If you’re going somewhere snowy, we recommend booking one of our 4-wheel drives!

Stay safe out there this winter and always check the road and weather conditions before heading out on your next Modo adventure!

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