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Q&A: Accio Delivery

Accio delivers anything you want, to anyone you want, to anywhere in Victoria. They’ve been a Modo Business member since October 2015 and use our vehicles to do (among many other things) a weekly Costco run to shop for people all over town, as well as deliver meals from popular eateries that don’t have a take-out service.

Recently, Accio announced they’re working on an app to offer Victorians a local, Uber-style ridesharing service once regulations are in place. Owners Carla Smart and Mike Rowe took time from their busy schedule to tell us how Modo works for them.

Accio Victoria Modo cargovan

How do you use Modo?

Mike: We use the cargo van every Monday to go out to Costco. When we get really busy we find the closest Modo and start doing other deliveries in that. There’s a lot of sporadic one to two hour on-demand rentals that have been really handy. It’s great because there’re so many [Modo vehicles] around the Accio office, and near where we live.

Carla: We can come to the office and not drive then, if we get really busy, we can walk to the car two blocks over.

How does Modo help your business?

C: It helps us get the deliveries that wouldn’t couldn’t do with just a car, or things that don’t fit in our convertible, like a couch.

M: You can’t fit $2,000 worth of Costco purchases into a convertible. You can’t even fit $300 worth of Costco purchases into our car.

What’s your favourite Modo?

C: We use the cargo van (#565 Pioneer Square) the most, but my favourite is probably the Kia Soul (#710 at Collinson). They’re fun to drive.

M: I do like the sports car (Scion FR-S, #467). I also like the library car, the Rondo (#687). It has more space inside than you’d expect.

What would you tell other businesses about Modo?

M: It’s just handy when you need it. It’s not like renting and having to go through an entire process. You can get it any time, which is great for when you need to do something right away.

C: I think it’s nice that it’s in Vancouver too. We haven’t needed that yet, but it’s convenient if you have employees travelling back and forth.

What’s your favourite local business?

C: Oh, so many. Foo — we do most of our deliveries from there, but also the [Victoria] Public Market is a really cool place to go. They have great events.

M: All the tech companies that are our customers. I was thinking it would be cool to have an Accio promotion where we partner with a chef who rents the commercial kitchen at the public market and then we deliver the food in a Modo.

Check out Accio’s website and create your account today!

Carla Smart is also our first Modo Business Ambassador! Read more about the program here.

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