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QMUNITY: “Modo helps us help others”

Every year, Modo Business member and Community Partner QMUNITY, a central resource for all things queer in BC, puts on a fabulous fundraiser that’s become a major event in many of our calendars.

As you can imagine, the annual Stack the Rack event is a big production, with lots of moving parts. From event set up to gathering donations for their silent auction, the QMUNITY team has to cover a lot of ground in a short time. That’s where Modo comes in.

After reading this lovely (and funny) letter from QMUNITY’s Operations Manager, we’re reminded once again how grateful we are to be able to help support their work!

Hey! My name is Kevin, and I’m a Community-Organization member of Modo. I use Modo as part of my work at QMUNITY, BC’s Queer Resource Centre. So I guess you could say I’m a Modo QMUNITY Member. I also like puns.

I’m writing to let all you folks know what you already know: how great Modo is. We love Modo at QMUNITY because it powers and empowers (ha ha) all the good work we do for LGBTQ youth, adults, and seniors in the Lower Mainland. (We happen to serve all of British Columbia, and we’re waiting for the day when Modo is BC-wide! And BC-tall. Because, as you probably know, BC is more tall than it is wide. I also like geography. And tangents.)

Here’s a great example of how Modo helps us help others even more. We just ran our single most successful fundraiser of QMUNITY’s 35-year history: Stack The Rack 2014. It’s a fun party at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia that also involves a wine tasting (the party and the wine may very well be related).

This year, we broke our $50,000 goal and all our previous records by raising $66,000! Amazing. And part of the way we did it was with our live auction prizes.

The thing about our live auction prizes is: they’re stuff. Big stuff! Paintings, golf bags, cases of beer, a wine fridge full of wine (did we mention it was a party?).

And stuff is heavy, cumbersome, and needs to be transported to lots of places: from our prize donors to our offices, from our offices to the venue, from the venue to to our offices, and from our offices to the prize winners.

That’s a lot of transporting, and Modo helps us with that. And with Modo’s help, we raised all that money. With all that money, we’re going to help others.


Plus, Modo helped us do it in style.

I have three favourite Modos within five blocks of our West End offices. The NV Cube Van for the big stuff, the Nissan Rogue for the smaller stuff (with the awesome feature of bluetoothing my phone to the car’s speakers. A personal favourite to listen to while I’m riding in my Rogue: Beyonce’s “Blow”), and the Fiat 500 for tooling around town like a go-kart driver. (Never a bumper car driver: drive safely.)

All of that is to say the same thing you already know: we love Modo. Modo helps us help others, comfortably and in style, and is there for us when we need them. (Unless its Pride Weekend – then we know we better book a minimum of two weeks in advance. The gays, we love us our Modo.)

Thanks, Modo, for all that you do, for us, from you.


Kevin and the Team at QMUNITY.

Congrats, friends, on exceeding your fundraising goal! Here’s to more great work by QMUNITY for the community!

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