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Modo Ambassador Trip: Sea to Sky Adventures with Modo

Modo Ambassador Elicia Elliott had family visiting from Saskatoon and took the time to introduce her mom to carsharing in BC and of course, our stunning scenery. Elicia used Modo, Mobi, and public transit to show her around the city, including a special trip, full of surprises, to the Sea to Sky region!

Sea to Sky Adventures with Modo

Our trip started early when I picked up a Modo with winter tires near my place in the West End. Although the conditions on the Sea to Sky Highway were reported to be alright, I wanted to be sure we wouldn’t be caught out with the wrong gear—car included.

Maureen (mom) and I loaded up a 2014 Nissan Versa Note and headed off to pick up my boyfriend. We’d toyed with the idea of welcoming car companions using Pop, but Dan decided to tag along to snowboard in Whistler, so the car was full.

The little blue wonder handled like a dream and had good, comfortable carrying capacity. Mom was so blown away by the concept of a car co-op like Modo, and it was fun showing her the many transportation options at my disposal as a Vancouver resident. There’s a new, small car co-op in Saskatoon, and mom thought she might be more likely to try it out as their coverage expands after she saw how easy and awesome Modo is!

We had a great drive up the Sea to Sky Highway, with all the twists and turns keeping mom “ooooh”-ing and “ahhhh”-ing the whole ride up. We lucked out with a clear morning, affording amazing views I was so eager to share with my mom. She was awestruck as we made our way past Squamish and into Whistler. I used to help manage the transit systems in Squamish, Whistler, and Pemberton, so mom had heard me describe this area for quite some time. It was so special to take her there and experience it all through her eyes.

We dropped Dan off at the base of Whistler and zipped over to Scandinave Spa. I’d visited a Nordic spa last summer with a friend in Gatineau, and knew instantly that I had to treat my mom to a spa experience. My mom has had an interesting and at times tough life, and she works so hard—I was happy to take her to experience some well-deserved relaxation. She’d so enjoyed her time in Vancouver for the first part of the trip, and I really wanted to blow her mind with the spa!

Vow of silence was an interesting one for us to take as a couple of chatty ladies!

After a few hours of unwinding and marvelling at the spa, we headed back into the Village to stroll around and meet up with Dan. Mom was really interested to see all the Olympic legacy infrastructure, including the rings.

We headed back to Squamish to spend the night at one of my favourite places in the region—the Howe Sound Inn.

We feasted on local, fresh food, reflecting on the day and how lucky we were feeling to be in such a beautiful part of Canada. I was sneakily excited to up the wow-factor the next day with a different view for mom…

We drove south to the Shannon Falls turnaround and then pulled into the Sea to Sky Gondola lot. I’m sure now that mom didn’t know what she was getting into—she was freaking out at the height of the gondola cars as they crested the first peak, not knowing that there were several more higher, steeper pitches leading up to the top.

The first time I’d gone up the gondola, my prairie legs were shaking and I was absolutely amazed—I wanted mom to experience the same speechlessness at the beauty and scale, both on the ride and from the top. We got mom to gather her courage and headed up. As we climbed, her eyes and her smile grew wider.

I think her joy helped her overcome her fear, but there were some tense moments, to be sure.

We made it to the top and it was clear that she was as awestruck as I always am when I go up there. I couldn’t believe it when she started walking across the suspension bridge—fewer than ten years ago, she flipped out when my brother and I showed her pictures of our visit to Capilano Suspension Bridge!

Sharing those views and the whole experience with my mom was so special. The trip gave us both pause for some needed reflection and sharing.

The trip back to Vancouver was gorgeous and uneventful—perfect, in other words. I’m so happy to have been able to share this experience with my mom, and to be able to show her the simplicity and awesomeness of the sharing economy here in Vancouver.

Thanks, Modo, from a couple of prairie girls!

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