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Modo Business Member Q&A: The Sharing Farm

The Sharing Farm is a non-profit farm in Richmond that grows food to donate to the food bank and other community meal programs in Richmond. The team believes that good quality food shouldn’t be the preserve of the wealthy but should be accessible to all. Since early August, they’re also sharing cars, trucks and vans – with Modo! We sat down for a chat with Sarah Drewery, Executive Director of the Sharing Farm.

Sarah next to the good ol’ Sharing Farm truck…

Why did you chose Modo?

Sarah: Until recently we had a 25 year old truck but after a break down we were advised it wasn’t worth repairing.  We realised that carsharing could be a better alternative to buying a new truck so we decided to go for it.

Modo to the rescue!

How do you plan to use Modo?

We will use it to deliver weekly baskets of vegetables to low-income families, to deliver produce to local restaurants and to run various errands for the farm. We will even use a truck to move our beehives from time to time!

How did the Sharing Farm get started?

The Sharing Farm started out as a fruit tree gleaning society in the late 1990s. Our founder, Mary Gazetas, was inspired to provide healthy food for our neighbours in need. We started farming land in 2002 and now we farm 4 acres of City land in Terra Nova Park.

The Sharing Farm’s beekeeper Leslie

Where can Modo members learn more about the program?

Go to, follow us on Facebook or come out and volunteer with us on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings!

Volunteers with veggies about to go to the Food Bank

Is this your first time carsharing? 

We are new to carsharing. The best thing for me, after driving around a truck that was about to break down at any second, is the peace of mind. Modo’s fleet are newer vehicles and unlikely to break down, and even if they do, I won’t be in charge of fixing it!

Your favourite Modo car to date…

There is a Modo car right next to my house, so just for the convenience of it, that will always be my favourite. I’ve become quite fond of it – I always look for it when I walk past!

My next Modo Trip…

Will be early next Thursday. I’ll be taking our fresh produce to two restaurants in Richmond!

“Own less, live more” means to me…

This really resonates with me. When I moved back to Canada (from England) I didn’t bring many possessions with me, and I really like it. I try not to buy anything unless I really need to and aim to keep my possessions to a minimum.

Thank you, Sarah.

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