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Tips from our Pros: Avoiding Late Charges During Summer

Ron D., Member Loyalty Team since 2006.


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My tip of the month: Organize your trip ahead of time to minimize mileage

A snail was mugged by two turtles.  When the police asked him what happened, he said “I don’t know. It all happened so fast”

When carsharing, judging time can be relative to the season and circumstance.

Driving during summer in the Lower Mainland can be an aggravating experience when it’s hot and you’re stuck in an interminable traffic jam. This year, we have our eyes on 29 major construction projects downtown, along with scheduled road improvement projects across the Lower Mainland. Making sure your next trip is a relaxed one is a matter of strategy and planning.

Construction Project Map-CoV

The City of Vancouver has created a map of current and upcoming traffic disruptions (see link below)

Traffic congestion in most major Canadian cities is getting worse according to Amsterdam-based TomTom, a firm that specializes in navigation and mapping products.  In Canada’s most congested cities — Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa — the index shows congestion has grown by a combined seven per cent and they place Vancouver at the top of list*.

To avoid late charges, we suggest for members to allow a bit of extra time to avoid common causes (like traffic) that can lead to returning your Modo late.

For example, if you’re crossing the Lions Gate Bridge, allow at least an extra 30 minutes; going from downtown to the suburbs or vice versa, again another 30 minutes. Same if your trip is during rush hour, bad weather or a Friday afternoon.

Also, if you’re back with more than 30 minutes left at the end of your booking, you can end it early on our mobile site (, or call us 24/7. Once you end a booking, you only pay 50% of the time left and if someone else books during that time, you’ll only pay for the time you drove!

To see where construction is taking place check out this link Road Construction & Closures.

Have a great summer!

– Ron

*While some say TomTom’s lists are skewed, Vancouver still ranks high for traffic congestion.

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