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Tips from our Pros: Common Myths & Misconceptions

Our Member Loyalty Team are here to answer your questions, whether you’re a new Modo member or a longtime driver. They’ve put together a list of common questions and misconceptions to help everyone ensure each Modo trip is smooth and hassle-free.

I just have to fob out and the vehicle will turn itself off automatically—right?

No, fobbing out will disable the engine but not completely turn off the vehicle. Before leaving the vehicle and/or ending your trip, always make sure the engine and all lights are turned off. If you leave the key in the ignition when fobbing out this can rapidly drain the battery and leave you or the the next member stranded.

Can my partner / friend / sister / colleague borrow my fob if they have a valid license?

No, only Modo members who are part of the booking are allowed to drive a vehicle. It’s easy to add another member to your booking—look under “Driver Permissions” on the confirmation screen after you’ve made a booking. All you need to add another member as a driver is their member number.

For Modo members that live in the same house, we have an Associate member plan. These members live in the same household (i.e. share an address) with a Modo Plus member and only pay $250 for a refundable share purchase to get Modo Plus rates, as well as share driving and bookings. Note, the Modo Plus member is liable for any debts not paid by the Associate Member and vice versa.

I forgot my fob at home, can you let me into my booked vehicle?

Please note: For safety reasons, you need a fob to access the Modo vehicle—our team is not able to let you into a booking otherwise. If you’ve lost your fob, simply contact our team for a replacement ($10).

Can I park my Modo in any marked Modo stall temporarily if the other Modo is out?

No, every Modo is assigned to a specific parking spot. While you’re on the road, you can park in any Resident- or Permit-Only zone in the City of Vancouver.

These parking privileges vary by city, municipality and district—read more about Modo Parking Privileges here.

I don’t have to worry about leaving garbage in a Modo car or leaving it dirty, the Modo cleaning crew will take care of it anyway!

While we have a dedicated team who work to keep our vehicles in tip-top shape, we rely on members to report any instances of mess left behind from other drivers. This helps keeps our shared service clean and tidy for all members to enjoy!

Did you know? Members can be reimbursed up to $15 to clean a car plus an hour’s worth of driving credits for their time? If you have a car booked, notice it’s dirty and have some extra time left in your booking, please feel free to get it cleaned! You’ll leave a pleasant experience for the next member using that car. We recommend booking that little bit of extra time after a multi-day Modo trip, to make sure you return it in good shape!

Can I leave my Modo in any location when I’m finished my booking?

No, Modo is two-way carsharing, meaning that every Modo vehicle has a specific home location where it needs to be returned to at the end of every booking.

If you can’t park in the vehicle home location, for example, because of another car mistakenly parked there, please find a parking spot as close to it’s home location as possible. Once you’ve ended your booking, call Modo and let our team know you had to park—we’ll contact the next member and help them find it.

Winter tires on carsharing vehicles usually mean M+S tires.

Modo has over 60 vehicles with winter tires in the fleet—jus look for the snowflake symbol on tire. All other Modo are equipped with M+S (mud and snow) tires, also referred to as all-season tires, which offer good grip in mud and light snow.

However, there are three exceptions in our fleet: the Fiat Abarth, Scion FR-S and our two Lexus carry sport tires, which are not suitable to drive in snow or ice.

Some carshares will call M+S tires “winter ready”, which leads to confusion!

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Modo Co-operative
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