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Tips from our Pros: Inspecting for Damage

Heather R., Modo Fleet Technician 

Modo-Heather Reid

My Modo neighbourhood: Fairfield, Victoria

My Favourite Modo: The red Prius C that’s half a block from my door

Where I Modo: Usually running errands, but occasionally out for a hike

My Tip of the Month: A friendly reminder about pre- and post-trip inspections

Ideally, we all avoid damaging our Modos by booking enough time for our trips and being courteous, cautious drivers. The reality is that cars get bumps and scratches. Help us keep an eye on things by checking your ride out before and after you drive.

On every trip, take a quick walk around the car looking for new damage. If you show up a few minutes early, this is a good way to kill time before fobbing in.

We like to hear about significant new damage. Something bigger than a quarter that stands out when you step back and look at it. Next, check to see if there is a round, clear sticker with a black number on it. If there is, that means the damage has already been reported. We are aware of it, so there’s nothing further for you to do.


If the damage isn’t unmarked, call the Loyalty Team. You can also send an email to at the end of your trip or leave a note for our team under the vehicle notes tab on the online booking site–as long as the damage does not interfere with the safe operation of your Modo. Photos are welcome!


You can also add a note to your booking with our mobile site!

At the end of the trip, do another walk around after fobbing out. This is to ensure you didn’t pick up any door dings or parking lot scrapes while you were away from the vehicle. If there is something new, simply report. One of the fleet crew will inspect the damage and decide whether it warrants repair. Charges will be passed back to members where it is reasonable to do so.

Read how you can reduce your damage fee to $0 in our FAQs!

Remember: All of the above assumes that no other driver, person or property is involved. In the case of an accident involving others, follow ICBC instructions to report the accident to Modo and ICBC.

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Modo Co-operative
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