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Tips from our Pros: Keep Your Modo Fur-Free

Alissa R., Member Loyalty Team since 2009 (Modo Member since 2006)


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My Tip of the Month: Accommodating furry friends safely, without infuriating other members

If you’re like me, you consider your canine and feline companions part of your family. I know the mournful, pleading look they can give when we walk out the door (okay, cats… maybe not so much). It’s definitely important that they get outdoors, but in the summer weather, it’s often a better idea to leave them in the cool comforts of home.

Animal guardians must take precautions against the dangers of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. The temperature in a parked car, even in the shade with windows partly open, can very quickly reach a level that will seriously harm a dog or cat.

Remember, if you do take an animal companion along for your ride, Modo has a fur-free policy and furry friends must always be in a carrier. It definitely doesn’t hurt to bring a lint roller for any stray fur.

If you arrive at a Modo that’s going to require more than a quick sweep to clean (regardless of the cause), please alert us via report(at) Our Fleet Team works hard to ensure your ride is smooth and comfortable!

Note that Modo has 10 vehicles that are designated as “allergen-free” – Fido can’t travel in those ones.

Check out these soft carriers that make transport easier, for dogs of all sizes:

Dogs in Carriers


And, just for fun, meet Quasimodo! This lucky rescue pup has just been crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog. She boldly reminds us that it’s okay to be different.



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–Alissa (catch my show, Animal Voices, Fridays at noon on Vancouver Co-op Radio!)




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