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Tips from our Pros: Parking Tickets

Cata V., Office Manager


My Modo neighbourhood: West End, Vancouver

My Favourite Modo: A Nissan Juke

Where I Modo: Usually around the city for errands

My Tip of the Month: Reducing your costs for parking tickets

While Modo members have certain parking privileges in the Lower Mainland and Victoria, they can still find themselves on the receiving end of a parking ticket. What you might not know is that parking tickets can be issued by different parking authorities, not just a municipality.


Some Modo parking spots have a designated sign, like above.

If you receive a ticket, you are responsible for payment. Even though you’re driving a Modo, during your booking it’s your car. If you don’t pay right away, in most cases, a copy of the parking ticket is mailed directly to Modo for payment, which we pay and then charge back to your account.

Usually the amount of the fine increases the longer you wait to pay it. By the time we receive it, the amount of the fine we charge back to you is higher than what you would have paid at the time it was issued.

How can I avoid a parking ticket charge from Modo?

  • Read up on member Parking Privileges on our website
  • Err on the side of caution when parking — if you’re not sure, move on
  • If you get a parking ticket, it’s best to pay it right away
  • Any attempts to dispute a parking ticket are your responsibility

If you have any parking related questions, we’re happy to help! Just give us a call at 604.685.1393 or email

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