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Tips from our Pros: Time to “spring clean”!

Ron D., Member Loyalty Team since 2006.


My Modo Neighbourhood: Kensington-Cedar Cottage

My Favourite Modo: #586 – Fiat Abarth

Where I Modo: I like to take care of local errands like grocery shopping

My tip of the month: Help us “spring clean”!

You just got to your car and find bits of food, paper cups or dog hair. Helluva a way to start your booking!

Fortunately with our members, this is the exception rather than the rule, but the common courtesy of cleaning up after ending a booking is sometimes a detail that’s missed in the rush to get back on time.

We do our best to reduce as close to zero incidences as possible with the help of our Fleet Team — but cleaning every car after each booking is simply not possible!

That’s where you can help:

  • Inform us every time you run into a messy car so we can follow up with the previous drivers.
  • Do a final check before you’re finished so that you’re not leaving anything in the cars.
  • If needed, sweep cargo vans or truck beds after your booking.
  • Go for a quick car wash if you get dirt on (or in) the car.

Members who take the cars through a car wash can get a refund for the cost. Submit your receipt to and we’ll credit your account with a one hour free drive time, plus reimburse a portion of your car wash*. But please don’t use the fuel cards for this — they only work at gas pumps.

Our sharing system is at its finest when everyone chips in. We much prefer to educate members up front rather than fine anyone. For more info, read a full list potential fines on our site.

Please keep your member responsibilities a priority and make sure this sharing world goes around!

*Free drive time expires one month after redemption. Valid for usage and time only. Drive time credit equivalent to one hour according to your Modo membership type. Modo will reimburse up to a maximum of $15 of the total cost for car wash.

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Modo Co-operative
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