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Tips from Our Pros: Top 3 Tips for the Modo App

Anthony C., Member and Community Engagement Manager


My Modo neighbourhood: Grandview–Woodland

My Favourite Modo: The new orange Jeep Renegade at Mole Hill in the West End

Where I Modo: To and from live music/theatre shows across Vancouver

My Tip of the Month: I’ve got three tips you need to know using our new app!

Last month, Matt shared his tips for using the app that are perfect for members getting familiar with booking on their phones. But my tips? These are for the seasoned Modo member who likes to book on the fly and has gotten their app routine down to a few simple taps.

Extending and Cancelling

Let’s start with the tip I think is the most important. Often when I’m on the road with my Modo, I think of that one errand that always escapes my list at the last minute. When you need that extra time, all you have to do is tap.

Extend2   Extend1

The app will open directly to your Trips page showing your current booking. Tap the blue button that says “Add 30 Minutes” and you’ll see a pop up confirming the time extension. Also, high five to our software developers who eliminated the extra confirmation tap previously needed to add time — because when you’re on the road, you don’t have time for that!

If you’re returning your Modo early and want to cancel, tap the red “Cancel Trip” button but remember, this one does require confirmation — don’t want to leave you stranded because of a tapping mix-up!


Updating Your Driver’s Licence

Did you know it’s a member’s responsibility to keep their driver’s licence on their profile updated? If your licence is soon up for renewal, make sure you take this important step — otherwise you won’t be able to book a Modo!

Recently, we added a feature to let members’ update their licence with our app. Just tap your Settings tab and follow the instructions.

Licence2  Licence1

Need help? Call Modo!

This one might be obvious but it definitely bears repeating! If you ever need assistance from our Member Loyalty Team during your booking just tap the phone icon to call.

Call2  Call1

Whether it’s a parking situation, damage report or you’re running late returning your Modo, our team is available by phone 24/7.

Modo Co-operative
Toll free1.877.226.2277
Modo Co-operative
Toll free1.877.226.2277
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